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She Leads Change has created a real buzz in Pearson.

Pearson was one of the first organisations to spot the potential of She Leads Change to transform their employees and have been participants on the programme since it started in 2018. Almost 50 women from Pearson have participated in She Leads Change Programmes over...

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Permission to rest.

Do you find it hard to rest? If so, you aren’t alone! A few years ago, the University of Durham conducted the world’s largest survey around rest and wellbeing. They polled over 18 000 people from 134 countries around the world, discovering over ⅔ of those surveyed all...

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Ready, steady, play!

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we stopped playing.  We packed away play when we picked up the responsibilities of adulthood.  Yet, as adults, we need the benefits of play, more than ever… What is play? Clinical psychologist and chief of Psychology at Ellis...

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Your future is calling!

Who is your future self? If you could have a conversation with your future self, how might you steer your life differently? Would you take on new goals? What chances would you take? What changes would you make? “It’s much easier to default to the present than to...

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Learning to Lead Bidirectionally with She Leads Change

Recently shortlisted as a Rising Star in the Tech industry by WeAreTheCity, and recent graduate of Leading From Within, Arka Raina shares her experience of how She Leads Change is teaching her to lead bidirectionally... At the start of lockdown last year, I knew -...

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“Everyone wants change but no-one wants to change”

We invite you to join a conversation between Anna Swaithes and Nicola Millson. If you are wondering how to navigate change more gracefully - whether it is change because of covid, career, personal circumstances or to solve humanities challenges - this is an unmissable...

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How to communicate at our best…

In the last of our three part series looking back at the first quarter of LeadMore, Kelly shares on our topic for March: Communication Last month, we learnt how to communicate at OUR BEST and connect consciously for improved relationships. Some of my main takeaways...

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Exploring Self-care with LeadMore

We've asked Kelly Cuesta, our resident LeadMore blogger to share her insights from the first quarter of LeadMore.  In January we delved into the topic of Purpose, in February - the month of love - we explored the Self-care.  These are Kelly's reflections... "I've...

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