Navigating Change

If there is something that I have learned from this unexpected and challenging time due to the pandemic, it is that life can change from one day to another and we cannot take for granted anything.

During this time I have evolved a lot and I am still doing it. Something that I have been able to explore more deeply is how valuable it is to keep yourself centered and driven by your purpose in life. This has allowed me to adapt proactively by taking the time and attention to prepare and develop myself in advance of the change. 

In the midst of so much change and urgency, I have been able to focus on acting on strategy without getting demotivated. It is true we cannot always control the change but we can manage our response to it.

In a world in constant motion, where change is constant, both personally and professionally, we need to do it better at change. Whether it is change because of cover, career, personal circumstances or to solve humanities challenges, navigating change can be tough, energizing, scary, forced… The key is to create a vision of the way we would like life to be moving forward.

Have a look at 4 keys to navigate change:

  • Personal changes, self-transformation, is something that we should prioritize before the change we want to make in the world. For me, the transformation needs to connect with a deeper sense of purpose. Then, you will be able to enable people with the capabilities that they need to succeed during the transformation and beyond.
  • Be intentional about evolving your systems and processes. Keep the big picture in mind and identify barriers so you can proactively manage them.
  • We all have energy drainers in our life. Lean on people who are interested in similar changes that you are, joint efforts and teamwork makes the difference for greater impact. 
  • It is great to explore shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset where you will practice deep listening to learn and to bring out the best in people. The more questions you ask, the more you learn.

Love Kelly x

Be the change you want to see in the world 🌻

More about Kelly… 

Kelly Cuesta is a seasoned brand marketing and demand generation specialist in tech. A natural born community builder and purpose-driven go-getter Hispanic woman thriving in a male-dominated industry. Her mission is to support and champion women and marginalized groups to unleash their full potential regardless of gender, race, age, social status… Making impact by changing stereotypes and shattering the glass ceiling. 

Kelly is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion activist and mental well – being advocate who is passionate about education, culture and systems change, tech and entrepreneurship.