Coaching and Mentoring

If you are looking for someone to witness and challenge you on your journey, our individual coaching and mentoring is for you…


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Are you looking to:

  • Increase your confidence?
  • Work through a career change?
  • A return to work after a life changing event?
  • Reposition yourself as a result of the global pandemic?

Our Springboard Panel has over 100 coaches and mentors ranging in age, focus, life stage, gender and many other attributes.

melanie williams browne


I learnt so much about myself, my blockers and my fears and the ways to deal with them

“My coach was just what I needed. Someone who would listen and really hear what I was saying whilst pushing me to fully examine what I had said until the truth was revealed. She set challenging but workable tasks and held me accountable. I learnt so much about myself, my blockers and my fears and the ways to deal with them and how they were standing in my way.”

Melanie Williams Browne, Learning & Development Lead

What’s the difference between coaches and mentors?

Coaches have qualifications in providing people with an opportunity to think through specific ideas and actions and help participants to achieve their ambitions.

Mentors offer deep expertise and learnt advice within a sector at senior levels, helping participants make sense of roles, relationships and professional dilemmas.

Can anyone request a coach or mentor?

We offer coaching and mentoring to everyone, however:

As a participant on Leading from Within or Leading Collective Impact, you can receive 3 x 1hr sessions as part of your fee for either programme.

As part of our alumni or She Leads Change community, you can work alongside a coach or mentor on an ongoing basis.  Contact us to find out more about our alumni discounts.

Even if you have not participated in any of our programmes, you can still work alongside one of our coaches or mentors.  Contact us for rates and information.

Our coaches

Our Springboard Panel

Contact us on the link below to find out more about joining our Springboard Panel of Coaches & Mentors

Our panel of Coaches & Mentors

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She Leads Change has been a thought-provoking experience – a safe place for me to evaluate the thoughts and actions that impact my career and personal development.

Mirna Bilala, Special Recruitment Liaison Officer

What our PARTICIPANTS say:

Effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change

She Leads Change helped me to explore how my own identity as a ‘leader’, impacted my ability to effect culture change and introduced me to some effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change in an open and collaborative way.

- Abby Crawford, Spring 2020

She Leads Change was transformational

She Leads Change was transformational for me. I went into it full of thoughts like ‘I’m not doing enough’ and ‘I’m stuck’ to finishing the course and realising I am in a wider collective of incredible progressive people who want change, I am part of that and have a part to play.

- Nadia Shaikh, Autumn 2020

An eye-opening journey of self-discovery

She Leads Change offers an eye-opening journey of self-discovery surrounded by brilliant, passionate women and thoughtful and supportive programme leaders.

- Helen Doran, Autumn 2020

Really meaningful leadership work

She Leads Change isn’t just about doing better leadership, but being a better leader.  I highly recommend the programme for anyone who is open to doing really meaningful leadership work with openness, honesty and humility.

- Cat Sneath, Autumn 2020

A fantastic opportunity

It has been a fantastic opportunity to connect and work with other amazing women, and also to explore our own personal challenges and identify ways we can be our best selves and support others around us.

- Susannah Hodge, Autumn 2020