Who is your future self?
If you could have a conversation with your future self, how might you steer your life differently? Would you take on new goals? What chances would you take? What changes would you make?

“It’s much easier to default to the present than to imagine a different future. If you don’t take time to imagine who you want to be, then you’ll reactively become whatever life drives you towards.”

We invite you to explore this topic on Tuesday 8th June (5-6.30pm BST) with our recent Leading From Within Graduates. Our Spring 2021 cohort have co-created an evening around Your Future Self to showcase their learnings and their experience of our flagship programme.

“Evidence suggests that creating a safe setting which allows women to develop their own authentic leadership style and identity is crucial”

– Harvard Business Review (September 2013). Women rising: The unseen barriers.

Leading From Within is a three-month curated journey, providing women* a safe, nourishing space for reflection, realisation, experimentation and self-actualisation. It is designed to get under the skin of the things that worry you and hold you back, to give you courage to live with purpose, to develop strong bonds that can see you through tough times and to celebrate the wins. Most of all it is envisaged to give you the power of a community of amazing, like-minded women, so you can get on, create maximum impact and be your best self.

Future Self Visualisation is a powerful tool we use within our programme to help reframe our present and redefine our future.

If you’re curious as to how meeting your future self can help you discover the courage to live with purpose and lead change wholeheartedly, this session is for you! Click here to register.

*Whilst our Leading From Within programme is designed for women, our Graduation Showcase is open to anyone curious about She Leads Change and interested in encountering their “Future Self.”