Lamese Waterfield  Digital Marketing Manager & Social Entrepreneur

“I was attracted to Leading From Within because it spoke about leading change in myself, about giving me the tools, skills and courage I need to create change in the world. Change, which at times can be completely overwhelming and paralysing.

Women know the stats and realities of how hard it is to break the glass ceiling – even harder if you are a woman of colour. We’ve been told to step up and speak out, yet not to be too emotional. We have played down our feminine qualities to adopt the widely accepted more masculine style.

At the same time, we’ve heard the importance of soft skills in the impending AI era, the importance of being authentic and that we need to have the type of purpose that can drive change in the world. We’ve been told that vulnerability can give birth to greatness … but how?

I knew I had to get out of my own way. I knew I had blocks. I knew there was so much noise around me.

While there’ll always be predictors for leadership success and traits we can aspire to, She Leads Change has made me realise nothing sticks without the personal journey. It is only possible to produce our best work when we work with who we are in our entirety.The course provided me with sisterhood and a space for vulnerability … for growth.

I have learnt:

  • Leadership is not for the selected golden circle of senior management and above
  • Leadership training is at its most powerful when we all step up to lead change
  • Being a change-maker is about courage and a self-belief deeply rooted in vulnerability , knowing tha t the only way you can go is up
  • My presence and gravitas underpinned by awareness of the self, others, the systems I work and operate in on a daily basis and the resilience I allow myself to develop
  • Peer-to-peer learning and storytelling in a safe space provides a powerful level of learning and understanding for women
  • Who I am, what I’m capable of, what my authentic leadership style is and that I am indeed leading change in this world
She Leads Change helped me tap into the courage needed to get my projects off the ground. I want others to experience the magic and transformation that I have. I am passionate about distilling information to those who would otherwise not get it and I would love She Leads Change to go into communities where women are struggling the most.”


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