Who comes to mind when you think about a woman you admire, creating a positive impact in this world?
Can you introduce her to our Changemaker Awards?

Introducing: our Changemaker Awards

Empowered women, empower women
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Join a cohort of extraordinary women from diverse backgrounds, working together to build confidence, courage and powerful connections.


At She Leads Change we believe leadership skills and personal and professional development should be accessible to all women.

One third of all our participants are recipients of our Changemaker Awards.  These are free places awarded to women in recognition of the positive change they are making in the world.

This is an essential part of our strategy to create positive change at scale because:

  • It makes leadership support accessible for exceptional women wanting to strengthen their impact
  • These women inspire possibility, model courage and ignite purpose within our cohorts – and community
  • All participants are exposed to extreme diversity, which recalibrates perspective (of self and other)
  • It creates opportunity for a felt experience of inclusivity and tangible lessons on working with difference
  • It channels resources to grassroots leaders from a place of genuine desire to be part of something extraordinary
  • It shifts individual understanding about commercial interaction with other geographies and socio-economic groups
  • Ahead of our Leading From Within programmes this year, we’re offering 20 Changemaker Awards.

    These places on our programme have been generously sponsored by individuals and companies – enabling She Leads Change to grow and develop empowered, empathetic leaders who can impact underrepresented groups.

    Would you like to help us by contributing towards the cost of a Changemaker Award?

    Alison Owers



    My thought patterns and belief systems have changed…

    I am beginning to explore self-limiting beliefs about myself, my position as a woman and my legitimacy to lead – how I connect with others and how to have better relationships within the very complex systems in which we all operate.

    Thobes, Changemaker

    It can be difficult to ask for support, so we want to offer it to these incredible women as an award – in recognition of the positive change they are making in the world.

    We count ourselves truly lucky to get to learn alongside such purpose-driven, thoughtful and resourceful changemakers.

    Alison Owers



    How I AM is much more important than what I DO…

    I’ve found ways to reframe my inner critic and explored the ways in which I am BRILLIANT and I have discovered a collective toolkit for resilience. I am looking forward to seeing the impact that it has in me both professionally and personally.

    Louise, Changemaker

    SLC conference


    If you find yourself getting in your own way, if you have big dreams, but are struggling to get there...If you feel stuck and need a little help, She Leads Change could be just the thing for you

    - She Leads Change Alumnus

    What our PARTICIPANTS say:

    Effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change

    She Leads Change helped me to explore how my own identity as a ‘leader’, impacted my ability to effect culture change and introduced me to some effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change in an open and collaborative way.

    - Abby Crawford, Spring 2020

    She Leads Change was transformational

    She Leads Change was transformational for me. I went into it full of thoughts like ‘I’m not doing enough’ and ‘I’m stuck’ to finishing the course and realising I am in a wider collective of incredible progressive people who want change, I am part of that and have a part to play.

    - Nadia Shaikh, Autumn 2020

    An eye-opening journey of self-discovery

    She Leads Change offers an eye-opening journey of self-discovery surrounded by brilliant, passionate women and thoughtful and supportive programme leaders.

    - Helen Doran, Autumn 2020

    Really meaningful leadership work

    She Leads Change isn’t just about doing better leadership, but being a better leader.  I highly recommend the programme for anyone who is open to doing really meaningful leadership work with openness, honesty and humility.

    - Cat Sneath, Autumn 2020

    A fantastic opportunity

    It has been a fantastic opportunity to connect and work with other amazing women, and also to explore our own personal challenges and identify ways we can be our best selves and support others around us.

    - Susannah Hodge, Autumn 2020