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Leading From Within

For women, at any stage of their journey, wanting to live into their full potential.
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Jo leading from within

Individual Growth

Are you feeling stuck?

Whether it’s feeling unseen, getting a promotion, stepping into a new role, struggling to speak up, finding yourself stuck or just needing a change, Leading from Within is designed to help you:

  • Clarify your desires
  • Explore internal and external barriers
  • Better position yourself to positively influence
  • Have your voice heard
  • Build resilience and self-confidence
  • Leave with clear, achievable, targeted actions enabling your breakthrough

Leading From Within is for women in all stages of their journey, wanting to bring themselves more fully into their work and lives.

Our three-month virtual programme combines structured content and peer-led learning in a space that encourages co-creation, reflection, realisation and experimentation. Helping women find and be their best selves, able to lead change more effectively.

Experience significant changes in your confidence, outlook and approach to life.

If you’re a woman working to create a positive impact in this world, you need the confidence and courage to show up as your best self. Register your interest for Leading From Within and experience what it’s like to be a part of our transformational programme for women driving innovation and change.

Leading From Within: equipping women to lead change together.

If you want to make a positive change in your life, Leading From Within is for you.  Register your interest for our Leading From Within programme today.


“I have learnt who I am and what I am capable of…”

I knew I had to get out of my own way. I knew I had blocks. I knew there was so much noise around me. While there’ll always be predictors for leadership success and traits we can aspire to, She Leads Change has made me realise nothing sticks without the personal journey. It is only possible to produce our best work when we work with who we are in our
entirety.” – Lamese Waterfield


I’m amazed at how much I’ve learnt already

Antonia Orr“I’d been feeling a bit stuck and was struggling to overcome some challenges at work. I sensed that She Leads Change was what I needed, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful and so genuinely transformative. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learnt already from my peers, from my coach, from the incredible facilitators… and through this collective learning I’m beginning to discover and uncover who I am and how to be more me.” – Antonia Orr

What makes Leading From Within so effective?

The biggest benefit our change-makers receive is a new way of thinking.

This allows them to:

  • better manage their internal narratives,
  • improve diverse personal and professional relationships
  • operate as confident, courageous leaders within any societal system.

This is reinforced through coaching and continued engagement with the wider-community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it involve?

Participants meet for six virtual three-hour sessions every two weeks. Sessions combine expert knowledge, reference materials, structured content, group co-creation, dedicated 1:1 coaching and a buddy pairing to further connection and networking.

Who is it for?

All women – in their individual capacity or from diverse organisations: corporations, start-ups, charities and grassroots organisations. Our Leading From Within participants range in experience from CEOs to junior employees – of varying ages and life-stages (mothers returning to the workplace, first career milestone, big promotion, big failure, crossroads or career change) and differing socio-economic backgrounds. We actively seek women representing grassroots organisations or under-represented communities.

How is Leading From Within different to other leadership programmes?

We focus on instilling individual agency and building confidence through action and co-creation covering topics that include Self, Other, System and Resilience. We use diverse learning modalities, techniques and models including active listening, peer-to-peer coaching and action learning sets, relational dynamics, clean language, paradigm shifts and reframing, change management and systems theory.

What will I get?

We offer:

  • 6 virtual learning sessions of 3hrs each, covering the topics of Self, Other, System and Resilience.
  • 1 community session to extend your network and meet the broader She Leads Change Community
  • 12 Journals covering key topics and reinforcing learning through supporting exercises.
  • Unlimited co-creation opportunities to ‘rehearse’ new ways of working, new ideas and to develop competence
  • Focused attention: The cohort of 32 participants are grouped in facilitated ‘pods’ of 8
  • 1:1 Coach/Mentor: Invitation to select from a long list of diverse experts, the right personalised support for 3 x 50-minute sessions.
  • Discount to our LeadMore monthly subscription, designed for ongoing learning and support

Leading From Within: equipping women to lead change together.

If you want to make a positive change in your life, Leading From Within is for you.  Register your interest for our Leading From Within programme today.

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If you find yourself getting in your own way, if you have big dreams, but are struggling to get there...If you feel stuck and need a little help, She Leads Change could be just the thing for you

- She Leads Change Alumnus

What our PARTICIPANTS say:

Effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change

She Leads Change helped me to explore how my own identity as a ‘leader’, impacted my ability to effect culture change and introduced me to some effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change in an open and collaborative way.

- Abby Crawford, Spring 2020

She Leads Change was transformational

She Leads Change was transformational for me. I went into it full of thoughts like ‘I’m not doing enough’ and ‘I’m stuck’ to finishing the course and realising I am in a wider collective of incredible progressive people who want change, I am part of that and have a part to play.

- Nadia Shaikh, Autumn 2020

An eye-opening journey of self-discovery

She Leads Change offers an eye-opening journey of self-discovery surrounded by brilliant, passionate women and thoughtful and supportive programme leaders.

- Helen Doran, Autumn 2020

Really meaningful leadership work

She Leads Change isn’t just about doing better leadership, but being a better leader.  I highly recommend the programme for anyone who is open to doing really meaningful leadership work with openness, honesty and humility.

- Cat Sneath, Autumn 2020

A fantastic opportunity

It has been a fantastic opportunity to connect and work with other amazing women, and also to explore our own personal challenges and identify ways we can be our best selves and support others around us.

- Susannah Hodge, Autumn 2020