You can be your most powerful self and lead others from a place of confidence and abundance. 

You can quieten the internal voice, inspire action and step into a new kind of leadership – one which builds on your strengths and dances with your vulnerability. 

You can create the positive change the world is calling for.

Our peer coaching programmes cultivate the courage, competencies and connections needed for women to  lead change.

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“She Leads Change is just what I needed. It provides structure, collaboration, community and progress in a way that honours the feminine. When I’m with my group, I feel inspired; I feel ideas flowing and a real sense of possibility and connection.
Nicola leads with grace and clarity, and creates a space where true collaboration thrives. Don’t sign up if you want to sit back and observe – this course demands participation and leadership from everyone involved.”


Jude Claybourne,

“I’d been feeling a bit stuck and was struggling to overcome some challenges at work. I sensed that She Leads Change was what I needed, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful and so genuinely transformative. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learnt already from my peers, from my coach, from the incredible facilitators… and through this collective learning I’m beginning to discover and uncover who I am and how to be more me.”

previous participant