“…it is proposed that a form of free dialogue may well be one of the most effective ways of investigating the crisis which faces society, and indeed the whole of human nature and consciousness today” David Bohm

Next week, we launch the first of our Climate Dialogues.  A series of three curated conversations.  We asked Anna Swaithes – one of our She Leads Change community – why she is joining these conversations.

“Like many other people I feel very emotional about the size and urgency of the challenges facing our planet and us. It’s something we all have to tackle as individuals as well as professionals.  There are so many fora focused on climate change – the science, the politics, the technology and so on – but I feel like we also need space for open dialogue to help understand other people’s perspectives, including their emotions, and process our own.”

As leaders, climate is one of the most important issues facing humanity.  Given that we have to make a dramatic – and urgent – transformation to  carbon neutral and then to carbon positive, then every organisation has to change in a ways we have never seen before in our lifetime.

“If we think about leadership at She Leads Change – at its core is interconnected thinking and linking ways of coming up with fresh ideas and new approaches.”

We have to join forces – we can’t stand alone as leaders, and dialogue is one way to underpin all we do. I love the idea of dialogue: how brilliant that so many different viewpoints can come together. It’s a great opportunity to think and see other perspectives.

“It’s not just about adding your voice to the conversation but hearing the voices of others.”

I think about this topic a lot – as an individual and professional – wanting to have a broader understanding of where others are coming from.  Facilitated conversation is a rarity these days and l love the idea of bringing together a wider diversity of voices – where we are all exposed to different ways of thinking and can move forward together.

Please join Anna – and the rest of our She Leads Change Community – as we use the lenses of deep time, wild nature and empathy to the climate challenge to stimulate connection and shift perspective. You can sign up here.  The first of our series starts on Monday 9th November from 4-6pm GMT – the following two on 29th November and 13th December, also at the same time.