Just over a year ago we had a series of requests for coaching, from these came the idea for a curated programme of peer-led support.. that has led to a growing community of connected, confident changemakers.


Radical generosity is a core value of She Leads Change.

“I’d like to thank you all for your kindness – at every touchpoint of the programme there is a brilliant, caring, intelligent, passionate woman who genuinely cares about your journey; who wants to help you plant those seeds because she knows that once you start doing so you’re going to grow something amazing…because she believes in you.” – SLC participant


In our first year, we’ve had more than 50 brilliant, brave, beautiful women on She Leads Change, supported by 45 coaches from all over the world, 3 great facilitators and a dedicated core team. We’ve witnessed transformation and growth – both personal and professional. We’ve seen people step up into positions of increased responsibility, change their work culture, take on new challenges and be braver, more confident and more purposeful.

“I’m much clearer about my purpose and far more confident about living it.” – SLC participant


This is not one story, it is OUR story and we give a very special thanks to Antonia, Steph and Jo who were there at the beginning and have given so much of their unique gifts to co-create She Leads Change. We are also grateful to our incredible group of facilitators, coaches and advisors – you give us confidence to do the work and make the change possible.


She Leads Change provides a supportive and safe space in which to undertake self-exploration with help from others.

“…spending time with women you would otherwise never cross the paths of, who bring entirely new perspectives and experiences to your life while sharing a powerful journey together is something truly valuable and rewarding.” – SLC participant.


This idea underpins all of our work together. People don’t only join – they create together. We are excited at the way our SLC community has grown: gathering on a regular basis to support, encourage and empower one another. If you’re passionate about leading change and want to invest with us into the future of She Leads Change, let us know what you can offer – what you’d like to co-create – we’d love to hear from you.

“I’d like to lead change for millions, and I think I can – but not alone” – SLC participant


We have heard how participants have greater appetite to step into opportunities, rather than waiting on the sidelines until ‘ready’; how they are less afraid to get out there and be their best selves.

“I’m now more confident to step up, to hold a room. I’m more aware (and sure) of my strengths, and where I want to spend my (emotional) energy. I feel more content with myself and what I have to offer to the world.”


Who do you know, who could do with a dose of brave?

Could you introduce us to your corporate, friend, colleague, family member you feel would benefit from our transformative leadership programme?

Do you have someone in mind, you could sponsor? We have started a sponsorship programme to ensure we have the type of diverse group to create transformation at scale.


The companies that some of the participants are from have contacted us to send more people. They have seen big changes and have joined our journey.

“I am more aware of my strengths, of my relationships and of my own journey. How I have been shaped and of how I want to shape my own future. I feel more influential and more central to my own story, and know more about my values.” – SLC participant


We are launching a community of women co-creating and enabling change in the world. Curious? Get in touch if you’d like to join the movement.

“It really has helped me show up differently. There hasn’t been a a big a-ha moment, but a wonderful journey where I’ve discovered so much more about myself, how I’m being, and how I want to be.” – current SLC participant.


It’s a space for self discovery and to take some time out for yourself.

“…and to realise that everyone is going through a certain amount of the same issues and challenges as you, makes you feel less alone.” – SLC participant


If you are a woman working to create positive impact, the world needs you to be your most powerful self, to operate from a place of confidence and abundance.

“You encouraged a room full of women from a variety of backgrounds and at different places in their lives to dig deep, stare at our wounds, own our fears, and grow…we have been opened and exposed and now with the knowledge that we are enough, we go forward because we lead change.” – SLC participant

Find out more and apply here. Or say hello@sheleadschange.org if you would like to speak to us about a programme for your company or have any great ideas for how we could work together!