Sponsored Places

She Leads Change aims to be inclusive and diverse in our recruitment of programme participants. As a social enterprise we try to keep our offering as financially accessible as possible, whilst still needing to cover costs. We have adopted a tiered pricing model, using corporate rates to help subsidise the cost for individual self-funded places. Even so, inevitably not everyone who wishes to take part can afford to do so.

We are therefore keen to hear from any philanthropists, foundations, corporates and individuals who might be willing to sponsor a place for a quality candidate otherwise unable to self-fund. Where we have such places available, we offer these to candidates based on financial need, calibre of applicant, social purpose, diversity & inclusion, and commitment to the programme. Previous participants have found the programme to fast-track their social impact, boost confidence and network, and be transformative in their life outcomes and achievements.

The selection process for sponsored places includes our standard application form plus a short phone interview. The number of funded places available varies between cohort and depends directly on the level of financial support we receive.

If you would like to find out more about SLC sponsored places do please get in touch:

  • Sponsor a place Please get in touch if you are able to provide financial assistance to those unable to self-fund. If you are ready to sponsor a full place today, you can also do so directly through our site using PayPal.
  • Request a sponsored place Please mention your need for a sponsored place on the SLC application form

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