At She Leads Change we connect a global network of diverse women who support each other to step into their fullest potential and lead change.

Meet Htwe Htwe – a changemaker from Myanmar who wants to impact the world by empowering the marginalized youth in her generation with knowledge to reach their fullest potential and walk together, to make the world a better place.

In addition to Htwe Htwe, we have a number of women in our current cohort Leading From Within, doing remarkable things around the world: from Istanbul supporting refugees, to the UK working in publishing, to India working on sustainable materials, New York working in finance and Ethiopia, working on substance abuse…and more…

One of the ways we maintain diversity is through offering sponsorship to at least one third of all participants on our leadership training programmes.

Not because it’s a nice thing to do – but because it’s an essential part of our strategy to create positive change at scale.

+ It supports women leading change who would not otherwise be able to afford it develop competence and connection to scale their impact.

+ These women model courage and purpose and bring many aspects of diversity to the group. It re-calibrates perspective as it allows participants to be exposed to people in less wealthy regions – not as victims but as ‘people like me’ and exemplars of possibility.

+ It channels resources from more wealthy to less wealthy places – not from guilt or charity – but as a genuine desire to be part of something extraordinary alongside excellent women.

+ It shifts organisational understanding about selling products, setting up supply chains and other commercial interaction with other countries.

We are so grateful to each of you for your support of She Leads Change – for every woman, and every organisation who sponsors one of these places.  There is so much more we can do together.

Can you help?

We’d love support in any of these three areas:

  1. Insight and help with grant funding (as an expert or enthusiast)
  2. Growing a small team of creative thinkers who will meet regularly to grow, align and launch this initiative
  3. Introductions to organisations who you think would love to connect and partner alongside us

If you can offer your help in any of these areas – or all three (!) – please drop us a line – we’d love to see an increase in more women like Htwe Htwe stepping into their fullest potential and leading change in their communities around the world.