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Effective female representation is rising on corporate agendas. As a society, we are facing global problems that will define the future of humanity. Women offer unique perspectives in a work environment, and unlocking female leadership is key to increasing diversity, ensuring decision-making is aligned with wider society and has greater impact in shaping our future.

She Leads Change offers a tailored leadership programme focused on women, to help organisations draw on a multiplicity of experience and perspectives within their workforce.

Our peer-learning model and emphasis on participation and co-creation support the development of powerful trust relationships, better personal judgement, improved self-awareness and increased confidence to speak and act.

Our initiative and community addresses the challenges we can face in a world where role models and work culture are predominantly male. It accelerates career success,  increasing both personal satisfaction and impact by challenging limiting beliefs and positively shifting mindsets. Finally, it provides useful frameworks and strengthens professional networks.

Participants gain insight on their own ability and purpose.  They build lasting courage to lead change through the development of strong leadership, resilience and interpersonal skills, and become role models and peer mentors to others.

“We are working with She Leads Change to create a powerful bond between the top tier of women in the organisation, supporting them as they rise in seniority and ensuring that all voices are heard”   Global communications agency

Our corporate offers

  • Send individuals on our She Leads Change Open Programme – here they will be part of a broad group of women from various backgrounds and at different life ages.
    Advantages: Increased understanding of diversity, outside of existing company culture, learning from a wide variety of experience, development of cross-sector contacts.
  • Develop an internal She Leads Change Programme – Our three-month programmes begin with an introductory event to introduce the approach and give participants a taster, followed by with three sessions involving facilitated peer learning, sessions led by dedicated facilitators and a number of external subject experts, alongside 1-1 independent coaching for each participant (from external coaches).
    Advantages: A programme tailored to your organisation, cohort of staff and context, development of a strong internal peer network, nurtures more internal role models and mentors, increased staff retention and a confidential platform for participants to solve organisation-specific issues.
  • Collaborate for a diverse programme – We offer organisations the opportunity to have an internal programme that also encompasses women from other organisations and different socio-economic backgrounds.
    Advantages: Breaks the organisational ‘bubble’ by bringing new experiences, fosters creativity and systemic perspectives, unlocks powerful connections to new networks and communities

Organisations GET:

  • 1:1 coaching for every individual participant from a coach of their choice on our diverse panel.
  • Opportunity to become part of the wider She Leads Change community and to ‘pay it forward’ in a variety of ways both within your organisation and beyond.
  • More courageous female leaders, leading change with confidence and acting as role models and mentors for others in the workforce.

If you would like to discuss a tailored She Leads Change programme for your organisation, get in touch with us: hello@sheleadschange.org

If you’d like to encourage your employer to support yourself and other staff through the open She Leads Change programme, find out more on our ‘individuals’ page, and  download and adapt our sample business rationale to help make your case.

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