Our news reels have been filled this month with COP26 reports, leaving us overwhelmed with “will they, won’t they” questions. This can cause many to numb the overwhelm of emotions and respond to climate change and biodiversity loss with denial, apathy or silent acceptance.

The problem is that we can’t selectively numb. When we shut down to pain – in any aspect of our lives – we shut down to everything: the full spectrum of our emotions – including love and joy. We feel less of everything.

How do we move beyond this?

In part two of our Dialogue Series with Reboot the Future, we’re exploring our connection and love for nature – and how we can use conversation to build a more compassionate and sustainable world.

When we feel compelled to make changes about things that cause us distress and pain – like climate change – how do we share this with and inspire others?

Join us on Monday 29th November from 4-6pm (GMT) where we use the lens of Wild Nature to delve into questions like these – and more. We will offer strategies and examples of how to hold respectful dialogue – inspiring others to access what it is they love about our planet and what compels them to act and protect.

Curated conversations are rare moments where we’re invited to pause, reflect, listen and speak up – even when we aren’t sure of the answer. We invite you to add your voice to the conversation.

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Places are limited, so booking is essential – please register* to book your place and receive your resource pack.