Holly graduated from our Open Programme in 2019 after being sponsored by her previous organisation – not only for her development, but also in her capacity as Head of Learning & Development – to see if it would be suitable for other women within the organisation.

I fell in love with the programme which helped in many ways during a particularly challenging period in my life. It gave me the strength and the clarity that I was searching for as well as connecting me to an incredible group of women who still remain in my life today.

Holly leads our global Open Programme launching in September.

Holly Casares – L&D/Talent Specialist | Executive Coach | ACIPD

Tell us about yourself…

I was born and raised in the UK and currently live in Dubai, my home for almost 10 years. For the duration of my career, I’ve worked in HR/Learning and Development in both the luxury hospitality and financial services sectors. I’m also a qualified coach and have coached individuals inside and outside of the organisations I work for. I’m incredibly fortunate to have a close and connected family and a wonderful core circle of friends all around the world.

What impacted you most about your She Leads Change experience?

So many things have impacted me that its really hard to choose!

I’d say learning to trust my own judgement more and stop second guessing myself and the decisions I make.

I’ve also noticed I am now more conscious of choice: I always have a choice as to how I react to the things that life throws at me. As simple as that sounds, it was quite an empowering discovery for me and it’s really changed how I lead my life.

Tell us a little more about how you came to be involved in leading the Open Programme.

After graduating from the Open Programme, I joined the She Leads Change Core Team and worked alongside them on various projects throughout this year. Due to my background in Learning and Development, I was delighted to be asked me to lead on the upcoming virtual Open Programme. I’ll be facilitating and project managing this throughout the Autumn which I am very much looking forward to.

What is the change you are working on?

I am continuously working on changing myself, the impact that I make on the world and those close to me. The quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” really resonates with me and I deeply believe that change begins within yourself. There are multiple things that I am working on to better myself and I believe that this is a continuous journey which will stay with me throughout my life: I’ll never be the finished product… and that’s OK!

What is emerging for yourself as a leader?

I believe that leadership starts with leading yourself regardless of your professional capacity: we are all leaders. I am responsible for leading myself within my relationships with friends and family and the choices that I make for my life. 

Contact Holly on Holly@sheleadschange.org to find out more about we can support your leadership journey or meet her at our upcoming Open Programme taster session in September. All welcome!