Leading from Within


For women at all stages of their journey wanting to bring themselves more fully to their work and lives:

LEADING FROM WITHIN – our programme open to all women

We invite you to our next 3-month peer coaching programme for women, starting in Autumn 2020. If you’ve any questions or want to learn more, we are offering various taster sessions during the month of August – you can find details here.

If you find yourself getting in your own way, if you have big dreams but are struggling to get there and if you feel like you’re stuck and need a little help, She Leads Change could be just the thing for you”

Previous Participant

What is it?

Leading from Within is a cutting-edge, transformative approach to leadership for women.  It allows you to better hear your own voice, inform your choices, navigate relationships and intervene gracefully for systemic change. It connects you to others to learn from and with.

How does it work?

On our 3-month global programme, participants meet every two weeks over three hours, for six virtual sessions. Sessions combine expert knowledge, reference materials, structured content, group co-creation and dedicated 1:1 coaching across topics including: ‘self’, ‘other’, ‘system’ and ‘resilience’.

We cover diverse learning modalities, techniques and models including active listening, peer-to-peer coaching and action learning sets, relational dynamics, clean language, paradigm shifts and reframing, change management and systems theory.

What are the next dates?

Cohort 1Cohort 2
Session 1: Opening22nd September
17:30-20:30 BST
29th September
14:30-17:30 BST
Session 2: Self 6th October
17:30-20:30 BST
13th October
14:30-17:30 BST
Session 3: Other 20th October
17:30-20:30 BST
27th October
14:30-17:30 BST
Session 4: Systems 3rd November
17:30-20:30 BST
10th November
14:30-17:30 GMT
Session 5: Resilience17th November
17:30-20:30 GMT
24th November
14:30-17:30 GMT
Session 6: Integration1st December
17:30-20:30 GMT
8th December
14:30-17:30 GMT
Session 7: Community 19th January
17:00-19:30 GMT
19th January
17:00-19:30 GMT

What will I get?

  • 6 learning sessions: 3hrs each, covering the topics of Self, Other, System and Resilience
  • 1 community session: To extend your network and meet the She Leads Change Community
  • 12 journals: Pre- and post-reads covering key topics and reinforcing learning through supporting exercises
  • Unlimited co-creation opportunities, to ‘rehearse’ new ways of working, new ideas and to develop competence
  • Focused attention: The cohort of 32 participants are grouped in facilitated ‘pods’ of 8
  • 1:1 Coach/Mentor: Ability to select from a long list of diverse experts the right personalised support for 3 x 50-minute sessions.

What does it cost?

Accessible: We know that we need diversity in the group in order to achieve real breakthrough. We aim to make the programme accessible to all. We encourage this through offering sponsored and part sponsored places.

Tiered: Companies pay more as they get multiple cumulative benefits – particularly if they send more than one participant. It benefits the individual, their progression and also has led to significant positive impacts on organisational effectiveness and culture.

(excluding / including VAT)
Inclusive of 3 coaching sessions
(excluding / including VAT).
Self-Funded £295 / £354£415 / £498
Non-profit / social enterprise / start up£650 / £780£830 / £996
Corporate£950 / £1140£1250 / £1500

There are also sponsored and part-sponsored places available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about availability or indicate your interest on your application.

Who is it for?

  • Diverse organisations: corporations, start-ups, charities and grassroots organisations
  • Range of experience: we have CEOs and junior employees on our programmes.
  • Varying ages and life-stages: mothers returning to the workplace, first career milestone, big promotion, big failure, crossroads, career change.
  • Different socio-economic backgrounds: We actively seek for women representing grassroots organisations or under-represented communities.