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Over the last two years, Pearson has partnered with She Leads Change, growing their leaders for long term impact through our Leadership Programmes, Coaching & Mentoring and offering a Community in which to practice…

We asked Hannah Cheek – Co-head of Mentoring, Will UK at Pearson, to share her experience of our Leading Collective Impact programme.

“This is no ordinary leadership skills course. This is about self-awareness and reflection, opening up, leaning into the uncomfortable, exploring, sharing and learning with others. There are no passive moments, this is a wholehearted, full bodied learning experience, driven from within.”

In January I embarked on a wonderful journey of reflection and development as part of the She Leads Change Collective Impact programme. 


What She Leads Change offers, and I have not experienced before, is a safe place to practice breaking all those habits and self doubts that hold us back. This was about finding your voice, knowing your values and seeking connection. 


I have better habits. I no longer worry about speaking up in meetings, what should I say and I have faith in the value of that contribution. It has led to more authentic exchanges and moved my focus from doing to connecting. 

“I’m more confident, more comfortable with being myself, more comfortable with being challenged.”

As part of the collective impact programme we had areas of enquiry (mine was supporting more diversity in Science.) As a collective we explored our areas of enquiry and the links between them.  I enjoyed the process of exploring opportunities, it was liberating and exciting…I learnt to trust in the process.


Another amazing aspect of She Leads Change is the access to highly skilled coaches. My coach Raj was amazing, we talked a lot about things that I felt were holding me back as well as my area of enquiry. Raj had a whole range of contacts that she kindly introduced me to. With my new-found voice, and confidence on the power of connection, I set about reaching out to some truly inspiring individuals who also share my passion for Science and diversity. 

“She Leads Change has created a real buzz in Pearson. Participants are talking about huge boosts to their self-belief and rediscovering their strengths and personal attributes. The impact of this is a more confident approach to work, where women recognise the value that they bring to discussions and are brave enough to expand their networks.”

I don’t know exactly what will be next, but with the confidence I have gained and the collective support of the wonderful community at She Leads Change, I just know it is going to be great!

If you’d like find out more about our upcoming programmes for 2021 or if you’re an organisation curious about partnering with us in support of your leaders’ growth and development, let’s have a conversation!