Leading Collective Impact

If you want to engage the collective in leading transformative change.

We invite you to join our next programme starting in April 2021 which will have a focus on the theme of “Diversity and Inclusion (and Equity)”. Read our latest blog on design principles we have been co-creating for this programme.

If you have any questions about the programme, please get in touch for a conversation: partnerships@sheleadschange.org.

“Collective leadership means being bold enough to stand for what you believe in, whilst empowering others to do the same. I came away from the programme with a renewed energy and vision for my sector.”

Temi Williams, Product and Content Manager at Pearson, and past participant

What is it?

Leading Collective Impact pushes the boundaries in leadership development. We aim to deepen the leadership capacity of participants to enable a more systemic, multi-stakeholder response to some of today’s most pressing challenges. At the same time, participants are nurtured to grow confidence, purpose and authenticity as leaders leading change, collectively.

Who is it for?

  • Aspiring changemakers who want to deepen their confidence, and find their voice
  • Experienced leaders who want to deepen their leadership capacity for leading systems change and enabling collective action
  • Organisations who want to deepen their response to today’s challenges and unlock more meaningful, multi-stakeholder action among teams or cross-departmental groups
  • Women (and their colleagues) from any sector who want to explore ways to go beyond the impact you can have on your own

How does it work?

Over a 4-month experiential journey, participants cultivate a deeper relationship with self and others, develop a better understanding of multi-stakeholder dynamics and how to inspire and deliver systemic change.

The programme is developed based on systems-inspired theory and frameworks which will be introduced as part of the programme. Core session topics will span:

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion for April 2021:

For our next cohort, we invite participants to bring a challenge they are working on or are passionate about related to Diversity & Inclusion. This is a timely opportunity to go beyond a tick-box approach – and instead, respond wholeheartedly and sustainably to this challenge and take personal and collective action.

Participants will: 

  • Access a safe, peer-based space to explore the topic
  • Deepen their personal and collective understanding of the systemic inequalities that show up in their lives, their organisations, society and beyond
  • Reflect on the roles they have and can play to break down barriers
  • Learn from each other and explore collaborations as a cohort
  • Prototype “actions” for change – individually and with others
  • Leave with a set of tested strategies for moving forward on Diversity & Inclusion – personally, in their organisations, and beyond

I’m learning to step outside of my individual box in which I’m very comfortable. Taking extra steps to engage and consult on the new Inclusion Strategy I’ve proposed in my organisation, despite it meaning some difficult initial conversations it has benefited the work enormously.”

Abby Crawford, Equality Manager at the London Fire Brigade, and past participant. Read more about Abby’s story in our Programme Overview and FAQs.

Programme dates

  • 5 core sessions
    • Each core session consists of two parts held over two days at 1600-1900hrs BST/GMT
    • 21st & 23rd April; 12th & 14th May, 2nd & 4th June, 23rd & 25th June, 4th & 6th August.
  • 5 circle sessions in pods of 6-8 participants
    • Each circle session takes place at 1630-1800hrs BST/GMT
    • 5th May, 26th May, 16th June, 7th July, 21st July
  • Individual coaching or mentoring (up to 3 x 1hr sessions): to be scheduled individually
  • Final SLC Collective Impact showcase event: 8th September 1700-1830hrs

All sessions are now set up to run virtually – but we will reassess the possibility of coming together in-person depending on changing circumstances and the location of confirmed participants.


Accessible and tiered pricing: In order to enable a rich experience for all, we seek to bring together a diverse cohort of individuals representing different backgrounds. We offer a tiered pricing model and reinvest surplus funds towards sponsored and part sponsored places. Our goal is for the programme to be accessible to all. Get in touch to find out more.

All fees include VAT
Non-profit / social enterprise£2,376
Large organisations and corporate£3,816

Applications: We will fill places as soon as we find the right applicants, taking the diversity of participants and portfolio of interests into account.

For organisations and networks: We also offer this programme as a tailored, facilitated space for bringing together stakeholders to embark on a collective inquiry around a challenge area. The programme aims to nurture the conditions for collective action and activate multi-stakeholder change, creating a strong foundation for organisational and cross-organisational resilience. Please get in touch to discuss.

More questions? Get in touch: partnerships@sheleadschange.org

What people say?

Past participants have come from a cross-section of sectors. The organisations they represent include Pearson, the London Fire Brigade, the British Council, Goldsmiths’ Company, Tech Nation, and a number of start-ups and social enterprises including Doyenne, SafetyNet Technologies and Lemonade.

Here’s what past participants have said…

Absolutely love the frameworks and tools we have used… all have been so useful. The supportive environment has built confidence. Hearing from a diverse range of viewpoints had been so insightful. It has honestly been so wonderful and enabled to go forward with tools and vision. Thank you.”

I achieved what I envisioned, but more importantly I am held in this wonderful space with the most beautiful community, which has become my tribe.

Amazing – transformational and inspiring. It feels as if I can begin a whole new kind of life now. Thank you so, so much for having me on this cohort!

“Take the leap! It’s been an amazing space to learn more about myself and how we can collectively lead in the visible and invisible systems we live in.”

Also read a recent blog by Jacqueline Lim, Collective Impact Lead at She Leads Change, and reflections by Eleanor Andresson, one of our pioneer participants on the programme.

“The world doesn’t change one person at a time. It changes when networks of relationships form among people who share a common cause and vision of what’s possible…. Through these relationships, we will develop the new knowledge, practices, courage and commitment that lead to broad-based change.

Margaret Wheatley