Meet our Community – Nadia Laabs

In addition to our Open Programme, She Leads Change offers a four-month LEADING COLLECTIVE IMPACT programme supporting collective action around a defined challenge.  Meet Nadia, Co-Founder & COO at SafetyNet Technologies – a recent graduate who joined our Collective Impact programme to grow and develop her leadership capacity.

Join Nadia and many other inspiring women at our Community Evening on 5th June. Sign up here.

What is the change you are working on?

I’m determining who I need to be and what I need to do, in order to make my social enterprise succeed.

Why did you join the Leading Collective Impact programme?

Last summer, we started growing our team at SafetyNet Technologies and were about to raise investment in order to go to market and I “promoted” myself to COO. I felt overwhelmed and like I had no idea what I SHOULD be doing as this newly claimed title, so sought out a leadership network that could help me.

What’s been most impactful for you so far on the programme?

I have to pick one thing?? 😉 I’d probably have to say having an amazing network of strong women I can talk to and bounce ideas off. Everyone is so keen to help one another out, it’s really lovely. Having the time and space to connect and reflect with these wonderful beings has been really powerful.

What is emerging for you as a leader?

That I don’t have to do it all by myself. I’ve always been a planner and a do-er, so took upon the responsibility to get stuff done. I realise now, the most effective way to lead is by empowering those around me, to do the jobs we hired them for, rather than taking it on myself.  I’ve also learnt to stop and listen: by not always planning or doing, things usually solve themselves!

In these unprecedented times of change, the world requires us to step into  leadership – being the change we wish to see in the world.  Our She Leads Change programmes help you pause, reconnect and grow new capacities for leading powerful change in the world – whether personally or professionally.  If you’re curious and would like to find out more about our upcoming programmes, please join our webinar on Tuesday 9th June from 1-2pm (BST).  Register and link info here.

Invitation: International Women’s Day 

Next Thursday is International Women’s Day.  We would like to invite you to join us over the course of the day at various events:
1. Morning Cuppa: I’ll be at the Library in St Martins Lane from 10.30am. Please do pop by to say ‘hello’ and share a story, question, joke and/or cuppa
2. Afternoon at the movies: We head across to Hackney to watch the gala screening of “Everything is Possible” a celebration of Sylvia Pankhurst. Register here.
3. Evening at the Canvas Cafe: Join for a community-centered gathering and panel discussion celebrating women in one of London’s most deprived areas – Tower Hamlets. Have a look.
4. Frolic with the Faun: We host She Leads Change evenings in the quirky flat belonging to Andy Black – otherwise known as the Faun. Many of us can testify to his sense of fun – he serenades us at the end of sessions. He is performing at the Vault Festival at 21.15pm in “an interactive magical dance adventure”…We’d like to go! He has offered friends and family pricing for us. Please drop me a note if you can join. More details here.

Everyone is welcome – do feel free to extend the invitation to others!

We have had such a great response from these courses – we are starting a new group in April. If you’d like to come on the 6-month journey or if you would like to recommend the course to others – please refer them here to apply.

Thank you for your support. Each session we have reinforces the power of community and opens new possibilities for change-makers.

Hope to see you on 8th…