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Madeleine Harris

A Community of Practice


A powerful and connecting experience

“The She Leads Change community is wonderful. This is a community like no other… I am inspired and energised each time I speak with the group, my cohort and buddy. It’s been a powerful and connecting experience, especially during this year.”

Madeleine Harris, Senior Project Lead

  • Are you looking for a vibrant, inspirational community?
  • Do you want to deepen your leadership impact on an ongoing basis?
  • Are you looking to connect with a wide network of diverse, purposeful practitioners?
  • Would you like to explore how we can move forward, as a collective, leading powerful change?

LeadMore is designed to support you explore key themes related to leadership and to connect you with our She Leads Change community.

Created to fit alongside your many personal and professional roles a quarterly subscription to LeadMore includes a monthly masterclass, podcast, resources, learning buddy and peer-coaching.

Your monthly subscription includes


An exclusive 2 hour ‘live’ expert masterclass – peer coaching, curated resources, useful links, a She Leads Change Podcast and blog.


An opportunity for continued connection and learning through our ongoing buddy pairing.


A private LinkedIn group for LeadMore participants enabling and encouraging connections and access to useful resources.


It’s positioned me to reimagine what is possible

Marcia Asare“I felt honoured to be part of such an amazing community, especially at this time in my life…Connecting with this community has positioned me to dream and reimagine what is possible for the first time in years.”

Marcia Asare, Sustainability/CSR Manager at City & Guilds

A monthly subscription


£35 per month (inc. VAT).

*A discount is available for alumni, springboard panel and core team – £20 per month (inc. VAT).


The themes for the second quarter of year include: Change, Career and Resilience.
Every month you can expect:

  • Motivation Monday – sharing topic resources, exercises, a She Leads Change podcast and blog
  • Shared learning and reflection within our LinkedIn group and time with your buddy
  • Monthly Masterclass exploring the topic, including peer-learning circle – last Monday of the month, from 16:00-18:00 (GMT)

Recent guests to our Masterclass have included Miriam Turner – CEO of Friends of the Earth, Raj Chana – Director JCURV Jo Kaye – from Breathe Academy, Melissa Abecassis and Eleanor Saunders.

Take a listen to a mini-cut of our Podcast on finding purpose with CEO of “On Purpose”, Tom Rippin.

Monthly Membership*
Free for access until 1st July 2021
Sign up now to a monthly subscription
Regluar payment, less hassle, can cancel with one month's notice.
*£20/month to our SLC alumni, community and Springboard
Annual Membership*
Free for a Year
Subscribe for a whole year and save £35
A commitment that makes our hearts sing at a slightly lower price.
*discount available to our SLC alumni, community and Springboard
Monday Masterclass*
Join our LeadMore community and expert speakers, for a 2 hour masterclass exploring how you can confidently navigate the changes you need to make to step forward into your future.
*£20/masterclass to our SLC alumni, community and Springboard
Set of Monday Masterclasses*
Join our LeadMore community and expert speakers, for a 2 hour masterclass exploring how you can confidently navigate the changes you need to make to step forward into your future.
*£50/3 masterclasses to our SLC alumni, community and Springboard


These are the scheduled session dates for our monthly masterclass. The other activities (reading materials, reflection and buddy time) can be scheduled flexibly, to suit your own schedule.

If you are pressed for time you’re welcome to sign up to just our Monday Masterclass.


She Leads Change is committed to helping women step into their power

“The more I get immersed in She Leads Change, the more I find resonance with like-minded souls, committed to helping women step into their power, in the way they want to…”

Caroline Marsh, Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

It’s for you! Primarily designed for those of our alumni that want to continue learning and connecting, becoming ‘members’ of our community.

What does a membership include?

Lead More follows the She Leads Change approach of self-study, peer-learning and reflection. The format is virtual and each month includes:

  • Receive brief introduction and self-study exercise materials (1hr)
  • Masterclass session with experts (2hrs)
    Connect with ‘buddy’ (1-2hrs)
  • Connection via private LinkedIn group for reflection on virtual sessions and sharing learning

You may also wish to:

  • Add-on a coaching session (1hr) (additional fee applies)
  • Attend our quarterly book club (1hr) (free)
  • Attend weekly drop-in conversation “Our Thinking Space” (1hr) (free)
What are the timings?

There will be the same pattern each month (only the last session – week 4 – has a scheduled time)

  • Week 2 – introduction to the topic
  • Week 3 – Shared Learning and Reflection on LinkedIn group / Time with your buddy
  • Week 4 – Monday Masterclass 16:00-18:00
How much time will I need to set aside?
The monthly programme should take 3-8hrs depending on how deep you want to delve into each topic.
What if I can’t attend a session?
The Masterclass session will be recorded and made available on the private LinkedIn group and also in your Member’s portal. However we encourage you to attend to get the most from the exercises that will be part of the session.
What outcomes can I expect?
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Be more connected to a group of inspirational men and women
  • Start to create and embed purpose in your life
  • Develop an enabling attitude
  • Have a new perspective on your relationship to self, other and system
  • Learn skills to support better understanding and collaboration
  • Be able to avoid and diffuse unnecessary conflict
  • Have clearer career goals
    Improved resilience
How is this different from other programmes?
LeadMore is an ongoing learning programme that fits alongside your life. This is different from both our Leading from Within and Leading Collective Impact programmes which are more intense. LeadMore is a leadership ‘top-up’, whilst the others are more deeply transformational.
How does membership work?

Membership works on a monthly or annual basis. You can join as a monthly member for £35 (inc. VAT). Alumni of a She Leads Change programme, members of our Springboard Panel and core team members all qualify for a discounted rate of £20 (inc. VAT) by entering the coupon code that we send by email in the sign up form. If you cannot find the code, please drop us a line to hello@sheleadschange.org. We also offer a masterclass only subscription. Thank you!

Can I join for just one month?

Absolutely. We invite you to sign up on a monthly basis. Please contact us if you are a member of our alumni, springboard or SLC community as we offer a discount code. please get in touch if you want to arrange a monthly payment programme.

What is the sponsorship option?
We invite members to consider donating an additional amount to allow for us to encourage geographical and sector diversity – sponsorship makes the programme more accessible to those who cannot pay the full amount. If you are interested in being a sponsor, you can ‘upgrade’ your membership once you’ve signed up.
I’d like to join but need help in paying the fee

We do not want fees to prevent attendance – if you want to join but feel unable to pay the full amount, please do get in touch so we can have a conversation about how best we can support your ongoing leadership journey.

A monthly subscription


£35 per month (inc. VAT).

*A discount is available for alumni, springboard panel and core team – £20 per month (inc. VAT).


If you find yourself getting in your own way, if you have big dreams, but are struggling to get there...If you feel stuck and need a little help, She Leads Change could be just the thing for you

- She Leads Change Alumnus

What our PARTICIPANTS say:

Effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change

She Leads Change helped me to explore how my own identity as a ‘leader’, impacted my ability to effect culture change and introduced me to some effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change in an open and collaborative way.

- Abby Crawford, Spring 2020

She Leads Change was transformational

She Leads Change was transformational for me. I went into it full of thoughts like ‘I’m not doing enough’ and ‘I’m stuck’ to finishing the course and realising I am in a wider collective of incredible progressive people who want change, I am part of that and have a part to play.

- Nadia Shaikh, Autumn 2020

An eye-opening journey of self-discovery

She Leads Change offers an eye-opening journey of self-discovery surrounded by brilliant, passionate women and thoughtful and supportive programme leaders.

- Helen Doran, Autumn 2020

Really meaningful leadership work

She Leads Change isn’t just about doing better leadership, but being a better leader.  I highly recommend the programme for anyone who is open to doing really meaningful leadership work with openness, honesty and humility.

- Cat Sneath, Autumn 2020

A fantastic opportunity

It has been a fantastic opportunity to connect and work with other amazing women, and also to explore our own personal challenges and identify ways we can be our best selves and support others around us.

- Susannah Hodge, Autumn 2020