We’ve gone through so many shifts in work this year and with lockdown easing many of you may be wondering about your professional futures.

What is it you need most, to take your next career step? Is it a practical offer of help, or the sharing of ideas and advice? Perhaps it’s a helpful chat with someone within your industry – or an industry you’d love to explore – who’s been there and done that…

What could you offer someone thinking about their career? A listening ear, an introduction – an idea of how best to approach their challenge – resources to explore, perhaps an accountability partner, or a skills sharing opportunity…

We’re hosting a Needs & Offers workshop on Monday 24th May from 4-6pm (BST) – a space to put forward your career needs and what you could offer. Together with our hosts, Daniel Hires and Carolin Goethel – experts in community weaving – we will be matching the needs and offers within our community.

What is a Needs & Offers marketplace?  We’re so glad you asked!  Simply, it’s an interactive marketplace, facilitated by our experts, where everyone attending has the opportunity to bring whatever need they may have with regards to their career (something that would really help boost their next steps) and also, what they could potentially offer in return.  These needs and offers may be along the lines of: a sounding board / a skills exchange / an introduction / a helpful conversation or advice / or anything else in between.

Who is it for?  Anyone wanting support or direction around their career – it’s perfect for anyone feeling stuck, anxious, disillusioned or curious about what next…It will be a beautiful community connection of needs and offers – facilitated by our experts – ensuring everyone’s needs and offers are matched by the end of the day.

Please come. This is a brilliant opportunity to really give you the boost you need, to take the next step in your career AND to give someone else a much needed hand up.

How do I sign up?  Click here to complete our registration form – we ask a few questions to help us understand your need and what you can offer – and we’ll see you on Monday 24th May!  If you’ve any questions, Sandy can help – drop her an email here: Sandy@sheleadschange.org