Dear friends,

If ever there was a year to lean into our She Leads Change teaching – it was this one! We’ve had to dig deep to find emotional reserves within ourselves, connect with others virtually (and some not at all) watch systems change overnight and have our resilience tested repeatedly…and we’ve done it.

It’s the end of the year and She Leads Change is still here – WE are still here and YOU are still here! We are all stronger, softer and better able to handle the next curve ball life throws.

Well done, everyone! I’m so very proud of our team, community and participants – we’ve achieved so much. Take a look at our year in numbers.

What can’t be measured in numbers, is the amount of hearttremendous courage and the boundless energy that so many people invest into She Leads Change.

Or the deeply profound outcomes – the shifts of perception, the insight and inspiration, the increases in confidence and competence – and the transformation of so many who participate. Each of whom are  able to expand more fully into being the leaders the world needs now.  

Thank you to everyone who has touched our lives this year. A big thank you especially to our Core Team – each of whom leads a specific aspect of She Leads Change and who teach me so much about life and leadership.

With love,

Nicola xx

As they say ‘all well that ends well’ … so let’s end this year well. Here are four questions to gently close the door of 2020 and step out into the uncertainty of 2021 with a smile…

1. What are your most meaningful moments of 2020? 
2. What are the most important things you learnt this past year?
3. What do you need to do to end this year well? 
4. What do you want to take from 2020 into 2021?

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