“We don’t have to be stuck with our own opinion of ourselves. And we definitely don’t have to be stuck with others’ opinions of us.”

From our first She Leads Change programme psychologist and leadership expert Erma Steyn from Possibility Inc shared her thoughts on Self – one of the areas of focus in our Open Programme. She gave us great insights on understanding and engaging with our stories and habits – how they can get in the way, can let us retreat when we need to be going forward or lead us to self-doubt when actually it time to speak up and be confident. And the importance of understanding and engaging with ourselves, our ways of being and our critical voices.

“Before any significant moment…tune into what is happening in your body, in your thoughts, in your emotions to what matters most, to be kind with yourself, to be compassionate with the other…to remember our common humanity, is a very powerful way to tune into our optimum self, to bring our most resourceful way of being into every situation as it arises.”