At She Leads Change we’ve recognised the importance and value coaching and mentoring brings to our participants and want to extend the invitation to our wider She Leads Change Community and beyond.

Our Springboard Panel has more than 60 coaches and mentors, ranging in focus, age, life stage, gender and many other attributes.  Even if you’ve yet to participate in one of our programmes, you can work alongside a coach or mentor of your choice…

Meet Sula Bruce – our Coaching and Mentoring Lead

Sula Bruce – Coach, Facilitator & Independent Consultant

Tell us about yourself…

I became a coach after 15+ years working in equality, sustainability, humanitarian and development. Following an Executive Director role with UN Women NC UK, I found working on a personal level as coach and facilitator consistently inspires, excites and energises me. 

I work closely with individuals and small groups, creating safe, fair, intuitive and nurturing environments to explore and connect with purpose and power. I love working with SLC, and am passionate about supporting change-makers. 

Why She Leads Change?

Originally I started as a coach – invited by Nicola – and loved my experience with my coachee.  I’ve since facilitated three programmes and co-lead the last Open Programme with Shalini.  I also run our monthly Peer Coaching Circles with Sandy.  I’m here because I love the growth, shared experience and completely supportive way of working…

I am fascinated by the thinking behind our thinking, how we connect and communicate; by seemingly small shifts that create huge change and the power of being really listened to, to build clarity, motivation and confidence to act.

The more we can spread the way of being, connecting and containing I have found at She Leads Change, the more I believe we can build a harmonious, equal, joyful world that is a wonderful place to be.

As my coach, what could I expect?

You can expect my absolute attention, a fresh, grounded perspective, healthy challenge and gentle encouragement. I am interested in what lights you up, what lies at the summit of your mountain, where your passion comes from, what dampens your full effect and how you can fly.

Contact Sula on to find out more about individual or corporate coaching and mentoring with She Leads Change or meet her at our next Peer Coaching Circle. All welcome!