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Led by Sandy Glanfield, one of our Leading From Within participants and facilitator of our Peer Coaching and Thinking Space circles. We asked Sandy – why LeadMore?

Sandy Glanfield, LeadMore Lead

“I joined the SLC programme at a time when I was looking for a female mentor. What I found instead was incredibly supportive body of women ready to give time and space to listen, encourage, advice and support. I want it to continue….”

I put my hand up to lead the LeadMore programme, because I want to create a space for us to continue to support each other in the amazing work we’re doing.

I was lucky enough to meet some of you personally during our cohort sessions & hear your stories. Others I only got to watch you and experience the amazing sessions you were part of creating. I wish I’d got to learn more from you.

I’m hoping that LeadMore can be a place to connect, encourage, support and inspire.

I’d love to find ways to help each other think through problems, source the resources & connections we need to make the changes we want to see happen.

Please join me? Contact me if you’d like a chat –

Sandy xx

Our LeadMore programme launches Monday 4th January – click on the link above to read more about our monthly subscription and how to sign up.