If you feel that with more confidence and courage you could be more impactful – please join us for the evening from 17:30 to 20:00 on Tuesday 17th April to find out more about She Leads Change: Confidence, Courage and Connection for Changemakers. 

We invite you, as a purpose-driven women, to join us to explore, learn, connect and experience a taste of our peer-learning programme alongside other outstanding women. We’d be delighted to meet you and to understand both what you are looking for – and what you could bring.

Sign-up here.

This evening will give you an understanding of the 6-month She Leads Change Programme. It will show how, together, we create confidence ‘in action’, how we help reframe personal/professional perspectives for growth, you’ll learn some useful techniques, and you’ll see the impressive calibre of people we have involved. We will take you through the structure over the 6-months, showcase some of the materials and introduce you to current participants and coaches. The evening might even be fun!

This is for women that at heart are strong, sassy and inspiring, that live toward purpose and are committed to positive change – yet – also feel small and vulnerable and wonder if they can…We invite any change-makers as potential participants, irrespective of age, career stage or income level.  Do join!

Come and join us to meet those involved so far, find out more about She Leads Change and discuss what you could bring to the course at our Open Session 5:30-8pm on 17 April 2017. Sign up here. 

If you can’t join on the 17th, but want to be part of the next group, please apply here: Yes to She Leads Change

For further questions, please contact us at: hello@sheleadschange.org

We’re looking forward to meeting YOU! 


What does it offer?

LEARNING: a structured learning programme over 6 months focused on personal development through peer-mentoring and expert facilitation and perspective

BELONGING: form part of a group of wonderful women who are inspirational professionals that meet and connect over the 6months – and beyond

CONNECTING: access to a broader network of She leads Change alumni, participants, coaches and advisors as part of the SLC network

COACHING: A dedicated coach that will support you on your 6month journey

REINFORCING: a detailed pre-read each month with articles, exercises, videos and other learning material that acts to support the formal learning process by offering opportunities to try-out ideas

EXPLORING: a safe space to try out new things (e.g. co-create a session) to test ideas and to share confidences

Although we think you’ll learn and practice core professional skills, this is not a business skill development course. We won’t overtly teach you negotiation or presentation or any discreet business skill. We believe that by having an opportunity to express concerns and try out new ways of being and doing – alongside your growth in self-awareness, courage and confidence – your core business skills will also improve. Given both of these growth areas we expect that your professional capability and ability to effect positive change will improve exponentially…