We’re almost at the end of our final SLC programme for 2018 – registrations are now open for our new course starting in March next year.  One of our current participants, the wonderfully brave, brilliant and beautiful Mel, offered to share a little of her recent experience on our She Leads Change leadership programme.

“I am now half way through the She Leads Change programme. When I started I did not know what to expect and I felt that unsure and in truth vulnerable, because after all I knew very little about what I was stepping into, yes I did check out the website, but as with so many things you have to do it to really experience it.

On arriving on the first session I found a room full of woman all with their own stories to tell and I really felt that mine was not one to be heard. When we had to do the introductions, I waited and waited until all 29 other people had spoken and I knew that the people either side of me knew I hadn’t spoken, but I felt that I had nothing to say comparison to some of the other ladies in the room. But with a deep breath I found my voice and I was heard.

Over the weeks I think it would be fair to say we have had many highs, revelations and tears. This has been made possible by the strict code of practice which means that nothing discussed leaves the walls of the sessions meaning that we all can feel safe in addressing issues, fears and working on ways to overcome the barriers we have erected in our lives.

I am about to start with my coach[every person has four coaching sessions included in the programme] and decided that after going through various experiences on the course that I would embrace whatever presented itself no matter how painful or exposing it might be.

I am committed and in so doing I have challenged myself and I have and I am being brave.

My coach in the preliminary session asked me to do three things before we started our first session and one of them was to ask friends, family and colleagues: How they saw me. I have to be honest I was scared, what would people say? But then I thought that it would be a great place to start, because how we think of ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world can sometimes be chasms apart.

Thank you to all the people who completed the questionnaire and for your honesty. I now stand in my truth I feel great, why? Because I jumped right in and was prepared to be totally vulnerable and uncovered and going forward I genuinely believe that this has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had and my purpose is so much clearer. I have been given a glimpse of the future and the path I can follow safe in the knowledge I am making a difference and a change, so world here I come…”

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