How has your family life changed?

I’m battling with being far from family, Karen is struggling to balance home-schooling and work-life. Marta is, in her own words, ‘completely overwhelmed’. John is feeling resentful about being forced into a home-care role, whilst Sam is delighting in being a full-time Mom. Nick is missing being a busy professional and experiencing anxiety over his elderly mother living alone. Others are feeling increasingly concerned over the health and well-being of their parents, extended family and friends. Everyone is feeling mostly fine, slightly guilty, sometimes happy, quite stretched and very uncertain. We are all trying our best.

We believe we can learn from and support one another. With this in mind we have a regular 60 minute conversation every Thursday as a moment to reflect, connect and learn our way through these uncertain times.

Stephanie is part of the facilitation team – she says “The time every Thursday is a gift to myself, an opportunity to share the personal highs and lows involved in managing my relationships with my loved ones during this unprecedented time of physical disconnection…without fear of judgement and without guilt.”

Please do join every Thursday at 12:00 on zoom for an intimate and curated precious group conversation: Holding Family. The group is welcoming, what is said is confidential and the time is held with care.

Please email Laura on for joining instructions.

Come, talk, listen and realise you are not alone.