In today’s Holding Family conversation, we looked at lockdown through a slightly different lens, focussing on celebrating our wins over the last month.

When so much of our lockdown conversation revolves around the negative and what we can’t, aren’t or able to do, it can be really hard to feel like we’re winning at anything. Taking time out to reflect on the positives of this experience and acknowledging our successes, builds our resilience. Sharing together reminds us we’re not alone and solidarity is a powerful tonic when feeling like all you’re doing, is treading water.

Some of the wins shared today:

“the gift of being present”

“being able to slow down”

“focussing on what we want to do rather than those we need to do…”

“recognising we can be happy and experience joy in the now”

“joy of reciprocity in our community”

“the opportunity to see this time as a reboot”

What are you doing really well?  What one thing are you doing daily, that you can celebrate?

Join us again next week – this time our conversation revolves around the possibility of lockdown being extended…How do you feel when the goal posts shift – especially when it’s a shift not of our choosing or control?

We meet every Thursday from 12-1pm – find us on zoom: . Bring lunch 🙂 All welcome!

With love, all of us at She Leads Change