Each month Kelly Cuesta (part of our LeadMore team) will be sharing a blog on her experience of LeadMore and how it is impacting her life.  The LeadMore Programme is designed to support you explore key themes related to leadership and to connect you with our She Leads Change community.

LeadMore supports you in creating and embedding purpose in your life, building your confidence, resilience, and leadership skills.

We asked Kelly to reflect on our first quarter of LeadMore and what she discovered about herself.

Discovering more about your inner self

Time flies when you are enjoying the journey and learning a lot about yourself while getting to know others along the way. When I got involved in the co-creation and execution of this program, I never imagined how rewarding and energizing it would be. I was part of the Leading from Within Autumn cohort 2020 and I could feel the impact of the She Leads Change Community in my life. So, I decided to continue that journey and make a greater impact, this time as part of the LeadMore team.


Back in January when we started this journey, we discussed Purpose – what does purpose mean to me?

Even though I have reflected a lot about purpose before, it was wonderful to hear from different people how they define that passion: goal, guide, contribution into the world…

We explored with Miriam Turner – CEO Friends of the Earth different ways to stay resilient and remain guided by your purpose in tough times. Expectation management, pace, care is key to find the balance.

Raj and Melanie walked us through their own coaching experience and how Melanie found her purpose. We discovered some tools with Raj to manifest purpose.

My main takeaways were:

  • Start with the why, then leverage how you are doing things and what shows up in your life. Learn more about the Golden Circle theory by Simon Sinek here  
  • Explore and try some exercises to discover your purpose. Notice themes, patterns, learnings… and trust in your gut. Be honest and look what is important FOR YOU
  • Enjoy the process of discovering your purpose and allow to yourself space rather than rushing into what is next
  • For someone who is visual like me, it would be useful to put your purpose statement somewhere you can see it every day. In my case it is on the wall in my WFH (Working From Home) setup office and behind the door in my room. This will help you to make sure whatever you do is aligned with your purpose and keep that motivation going
  • Set a morning and evening ritual that works for you. In my case, I have set a daily routine with my girlfriends and we share by whatsapp everyday either a picture, quote our voice message on one or 2 things we are grateful for. I have included a meditation routine as well so I can reconnect with myself for 50 minutes just before go to bed
  • Focus on where you are going towards rather than what you are going away from.

Our topic for April is Navigating Change.  Join us?

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