Sunshine, family, birds – and even technology! Today we started with appreciation and shared things to be grateful for….

Here is the meditation I shared (with a little ad lib!):

Begin with gentle breathing. Notice the rhythm. Experience the rise and fall of your breath

Breath: As you breathe slowly in and out… Notice how reliable, how constant your breath is… Feel grateful for this vital force that tunes us into our present Breathe in appreciation Breathe out gratitude

Body: Notice your body moving as you breathe… Notice your body Scan  your body from head to toe Consider the gift to have this mixture of cells, water and magic that allows you to experience the world… Scan again – this time as if you were pouring gratitude into every cell Breathe in appreciation Breathe out gratitude

Someone/something: Take your attention out of yourself onto someone / something else Bring them to your minds-eye… Consider them with gratitude – beam gratitude like a bright light – sunshine towards them Breathe in appreciation Breathe out gratitude

Everything: Widen once more to all beings- beam this gratitude more broadly….Breathe in appreciation Breathe out gratitude Breathe…

And here is the magnificent poem read by David Whyte to remind us of all that surrounds us and supports us. Everything is Waiting for You.

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