We started a new week with our guest speaker Rachel who, inspired by a previous Cup of Calm session on ‘forgiveness’ took us through the topic of ‘beauty’. We were treated to some images of beauty together with the beautiful words from T S Elliot’s Four Quartets which stirred up unique emotions in each of us and conjured up stark visualizations of beauty. 
Rachel recommended two books which offer extraordinary gifts of beauty on every page: 

Who can afford to live without beauty? Beauty fills us with passion; it graces us with joy and lights up our existence. A landscape, a piece of music, a film, a dance … suddenly all dreariness is gone [and] we are left betwitched. Beauty has a formidable, liberating effect on the human spirit. [It] harmonizes the mind. Inevitable Grace – Pier Ferrucci

A world without beauty would be unbearable. The subtle touches of beauty are what enable most people to survive. Yet beauty is so quietly woven through our ordinary days that we hardly notice it. When we experience beauty, we feel called. Divine Beauty – John O’ Donohue

We asked ourselves – what would my life be like with more beauty? And what images of beauty could we offer to each other to sustain each other over the coming week? Slowing down, listening, noticing, peace, beauty from relationships, being present, beauty from loved ones, slow moments and beauty in nature were just some of the gifts we offered one another.

Listen. Put on the morning.

Waken into fallen light.

G. S. Graham

Thank you Rachel for such a beautiful start to our morning! Following on from today’s Cup of Calm, one of our listeners – Antonia – shared this podcast she found extraordinary, in light of John O’ Donohue’s words – we thought you’d might like to take a listen too: https://onbeing.org/programs/john-odonohue-the-inner-landscape-of-beauty-aug2017/

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With love from of us at She Leads Change x