Today, our lovely Lamese talked about inviting joy in to our lives during this ‘period of pause’. Many of us have been discovering joy in the smallest of things and rediscovering forgotten joys… or joy that we didn’t know we needed.

Our natural state is being still, quiet awareness. It is one with a feeling of inner peace, joy and love. Like when we were children playing for long periods just with a stick or chasing others around and laughing til our belly hurt.

In this state you can see that you are one with everything around you, and that your sense of self depends on nothing. You no longer have to look to anything to give you a sense of engulfment or satisfaction, because it is already there inside you.

When the noise is dialed down we can start to appreciate different things. And most of these things are completely free. Some of the things that have been bringing us joy recently:

Walking in wide open spaces.
Baking, cooking and enjoying.
Zoom calls – seeing each other and connecting.
Looking at the bluebells.
Getting in touch with my playful side.
Interaction with my children.
Walking to the shop without any traffic around me.
Gardening – really looking at the flowers and plants.
Talking to family and connecting more frequently than I usually would.
Our daily connection through Cup of Calm!

We look forward to seeing you on a Cup of Calm next week. Please join us via: and, if asked, the password is LeadChange. Do invite others – everyone is welcome!

This event is free to join. If you would like to, please donate as you are able – with no obligation and no upper or lower limit. The link to donate is: All profits will go towards supporting our community of freelancers, small business owners and independents during this time. We suggest the price of a cup of coffee – £2.50 per day or £40 per month.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead – see you next week!
With love from of us at She Leads Change x