On a beautiful Monday evening, deep in the city of London, our She Leads Change participants, coaches, and interested friends came together to connect and learn from each other.

Rosanda Mcgrath, Nadine Exter, Melissa Abecassis and Jo Matthews showed us how powerful vulnerability can be. Their words on authentic leadership, finding purpose, empathy and emotional labour – are profound and will continue to echo in our hearts and shape our own lives.

Jenny Leonard (www.jennyleonardart.com) and Ellie and Zoie from the Shadow Travellers (http://www.theshadowtravellers.com/) brought creativity and magic. They reminded us of the power of creativity. laughter and play.

At the end everyone there answered “what it is they took away from the session”. Below are the answers:

  • Power of Friendship
  • Self-reflection
  • Showing up
  • Deep listening
  • Vulnerability
  • Stepping up
  • Embrace power
  • Restorative power of laughter
  • Why you want what you want
  • Love for stories
  • Beautiful music in you
  • Power of co-creating
  • Gratitude
  • Being human is perfect enough
  • Power of coincidence
  • Be in the moment
  • Take time to tell stories
  • Reminder of the collective
  • The wonder of imagination
  • Thrive for purpose does not have to be difficult
  • Community is key
  • Music
  • I am not so weird at all
  • Life puts you in the right place at the right time
  • Don’t control empathy but command
  • Purpose is fluid
  • I love stories
  • Create beauty for its own sake
  • Just be
  • Life in cycles, knowing when it’s over, finish, start again
  • Purpose can be small and grand
  • Importance of places
  • Recognise creativity
  • To be wrong
  • To be challenged
  • Embrace difference
  • Realised how much SLC has changed me
  • Openness
  • Let go of wanting to be right
  • Be aware of your emotional labour
  • Learned so much
  • Inspired by bravery
  • Importance of serving leadership
  • Power of friendship
  • Each of us has something wonderful. When you remember to feel it, life and perseverance so much better
  • Easier to deeply listen than respond
  • Think what you want before you want it
  • You can make beautiful music even if you think you can’t sing
  • Surprise, engage
  • Good to take stock
  • Mindfulness
  • Take time to tell more stories to kids

Thank you everyone! Our next open session is on Monday 26th November from 5.30 pm at Orient Capital. We do hope you can join.

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