Our Team

She Leads Change is a growing community. We believe that we can all learn from each other and that all of us are smarter than each of us. Whether you embark on the journey with us as a participant, an external mentor, a sponsor or a coach – we know that you’ll land up both learning and teaching.

In fact, embedded deep within our DNA is the expectation that each person who joins our community is equipped to lead both within it and beyond it. So there is no asymmetry of relationship – of the ‘ones who have the questions’ vs ‘the ones that have the answers’; everybody has something to contribute and to learn. We teach and grow on the She Leads Change journey together by co-building our network, our skills and our courage simultaneously.

Our community is supported by a core team, including previous participants. Meet the women behind the She Leads Change programme:

Nicola Millson

Nicola works with talented people and pioneering organisations to unleash ingenuity and nurture passion. Her role in ‘She Leads Change’ is to create structure and inspiration for participants and the conditions they need to learn and support each other. Read more →

Holly Casares

Holly is the Programme Lead for our Open Programme and is part of our core team. An Executive Coach with a professional background in L&D and Talent Management, she has worked in both the financial and luxury hospitality sectors and brings a passion for personal development and self discovery. Read more →

Laura Povey Stone

Laura has worked in the charity sector for a number of years, supporting humanitarian projects around the world. She’s also the founder of Relish & Grace. She is our operations manager and primary point of contact for the programme. Read more →

Shalini Sequeira

Shalini is a coach and facilitator for the She Leads Change Open Programme. She believes that truly inclusive leadership will create positive change in society and will enable all of us to flourish. She works with talented people from groups who typically have been excluded from leadership (women and BAME, principally) to get them into … Continue reading Shalini Sequeira

Helen Wadhwani

Helen joined She Leads Change in 2018, and now works on ways to measure the impact of our programmes. She is also driven to keep exploring her own experiences and perspectives, whilst learning from and with the growing She Leads Change community. Read more →

Jacqueline Lim

Jacqueline is passionate about creating spaces for exploring interconnectedness between individuals, organisations and places. At She Leads Change, she leads on nurturing new partnerships to deepen and broaden our impact, and is also designing a new Catalyst programme. Read more →

Julia Bindman, She Leads Change coach

Julia Bindman

Julia is one of She Leads Change’s facilitators. She works in communications skills and innovation, combining facilitation and strategy with a broad perspective drawn from work in a variety of countries and sectors. Nicola didn’t have to ask twice to get her involved – so many amazing women, so much potential to change the world in big and small ways. Read more →

Kerstin van Eckert

Kerstin is one of She Leads Change’s facilitators. She is passionate about people and our planet, believing that placing them at the heart of each business delivers outstanding synergy. An expert in both start-up and corporate collaborations in the UK and abroad, Kerstin’s aim is to increase awareness and expand consciousness to live more creative, inspired and balanced lives. Read more →

Melanie Williams Browne

Melanie joined the Open Programme in January 2019 and it would be an understatement to say it has changed her life considerably. She is now slaying her fears and looking at opportunities she would have been too afraid to pursue previously. She now knows she can make a difference, a change in the world. Read more →

Sula Bruce

Sula is one of She Leads Change’s facilitators. Her work is grounded in a passion for motivating and inspiring people and organisations to set and surpass high expectations of themselves. She is an accredited coach and independent consultant with a strong track record of empowering individuals and institutions to excel. She is excited to be a part of the She Leads Change movement, to have the opportunity to facilitate peer to peer learning and growth with such a powerful group of women. Read more →

Stephanie Heath

Stephanie is a coach, facilitator and mentor.  She believes that everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has the right to be heard.  She is passionate about enabling and empowering others, and over the last two decades, her roles in the field of social justice have afforded her the privilege of working alongside some amazing people and organisations. Read more →

Josephine Living

After 10 years experience in Banking across corporate sales, relationship management and project delivery, Jo moved into Social Enterprise via a 1 year leadership programme called OnPurpose. Jo brings a passion for personal development and the power of networks to She Leads Change, representing a unique blend of corporate “can-do” alongside an intuitive and holistic approach to growth and leadership. Read more →

Alison Owers

Alison runs Orient Capital, a technology focused investor relations business and has been working in financial services for around 20 years.  She was encouraged to take a leap of faith with She Leads Change by joining as a participant on the first ever cohort and has been actively involved with the core team ever since.  She … Continue reading Alison Owers

Frances Buckingham

Frances is an independent advisor and consultant supporting organisations focused on environmental and social change. Her background is working with multinational companies developing sustainability and stakeholder engagement strategies. She supports organisations and campaigners with research and content development – making messages clearer and calls to action stronger. Able to see the big picture and deeper meaning … Continue reading Frances Buckingham

Antonia Orr

Antonia runs the Coalition for Efficiency, a highly collaborative not-for-profit organisation that exists to support charities and social enterprises that are looking for ways to become more effective, efficient and impactful. She has led the She Leads Change programme’s impact measurement. Her involvement is motivated by a recognition that building her own self-confidence is a continuous challenge, and by a desire to help herself and others grow bolder and wiser. Read more →

Rachel Houghton

Rachel is passionate about the power of collaboration to effect meaningful change. An accredited Partnership Broker, she has worked in, and led, a variety of collaborative initiatives in the humanitarian sector for the past 20 years, engaging with colleagues from across the UN, NGOs, Red Cross and media justice organisations, as well as with local partners … Continue reading Rachel Houghton

Kate Taylor Hewett

Kate is highly experienced coach and leadership development facilitator, skilled at cultivating self-awareness, compassion, courage and effective behaviours in individuals, teams and organisations. For She Leads Change she is a member of the core team with a particular role in growing, supporting and developing the coaching panel. She is passionate about living life from what you … Continue reading Kate Taylor Hewett

Lamese Waterfield

Lamese joined the She Leads Change core team in 2019 after taking part in our Open Programme. An eternal optimist with a passion to tell stories,  create beauty and inspire others, Lamese has worked in the digital and media field for 16 years in both London and Cape Town. She is currently working for a … Continue reading Lamese Waterfield

Raj Chana

Raj coaches, facilitates and develops She Leads Change as part of the core team. Her passion is to unlock purpose, ambitions and abilities in leaders, teams and organisations enabling positive transformation, more authenticity and greater fulfilment. Raj promotes engaging, inclusive, collaborative and servant leadership approaches aligned to a compelling vision. After leading people strategies as a board director … Continue reading Raj Chana

Violet Koska

Violet is a programme manager, trainer and agent for transformational change. She loves working with amazing women to make great things happen and thrives on helping people and organisations find a way through messy, sticky, challenging issues and projects. She had never encountered anything like She Leads Change before. Being part of She Leads Change has … Continue reading Violet Koska

Carol Hill

Carol is an innovation and product development leader, facilitator and mentor with over 20 years’ experience in the education industry. She holds a Master’s degree in TESOL and is currently working as a new Product Development and Innovation Lead for IELTS, the leading English proficiency exam for study, migration and work. Read more →

Ruth Dobson

Ruth believes that when people are personally inspired, connected to each other and work together with meaningful purpose they can do incredible things. She loves to listen to ideas, encourage imagination, facilitate connections and help people and organisations find ways to create changes that contribute to building a more sustainable, connected, and balanced world. Read more →

Rosanda McGrath

Rosanda is a change agent, grassroots social entrepreneur advocate and Mum to four daughters aged 24, 23, 18 and 17. After 20 years of different roles themed around change at BP, she has realigned her work to change individuals’ lives. She loves designing encounters to overcome our unconscious bias and inspire more inter-connectivity across the inequality divide. Read more →

Sandy Glanfield

Sandy’s passion is developing projects that use creativity to bring people together to build community, overcome poverty, and create opportunity. She brings skills from years as an Occupational Therapist in mental health and as Innovations Manager for the charity, Empathy Action. Read more →