Who’s involved

We believe that we can all learn from each other – that all of us are smarter than each of us. Whether you embark on the journey with us as a participant, an external mentor, a sponsor or a coach – we know that you’ll land up both learning and teaching. In fact, embedded deep within our DNA is the expectation that each person who comes on this course is equipped to lead both within it and beyond it. So there is no asymmetry of relationship – of the ‘ones who have the questions’ vs ‘the ones that have the answers’. Everybody has something to contribute and to learn. We will teach and grow on this journey together by co-building this network and our skills and courage simultaneously.

Meet the women in the core team behind the She Leads Change programme:

Nicola Millson

Nicola works with talented people and pioneering organisations to unleash ingenuity and nurture passion. Her role in ‘She Leads Change’ is to create structure and inspiration for participants and the conditions they need to learn and support each other. She is the primary point of contact for the programme. Read more →

Antonia Orr

Antonia runs the Coalition for Efficiency, a highly collaborative not-for-profit organisation that exists to support charities and social enterprises that are looking for ways to become more effective, efficient and impactful. Her involvement in ‘She Leads Change’ is motivated by a recognition that building her own self-confidence is a continuous challenge, and by a desire to help herself and others grow bolder and wiser. Read more →

Josephine Living

After 10 years experience in Banking across corporate sales, relationship management and project delivery, Jo moved into Social Enterprise via a 1 year leadership programme called OnPurpose. Jo brings a passion for personal development and the power of networks to She Leads Change, representing a unique blend of corporate “can-do” alongside an intuitive and holistic approach to growth and leadership. Read more →

Steph Landymore

Steph wants to see the way government, business and society work change, to ensure that we leave the planet in a better state than it is today. Her involvement in ‘She Leads Change’ is motivated by a desire to expand her own sense of what she can achieve, and build the confidence to lead others to do the same. Read more →

Ruth Dobson

Ruth believes that when people are personally inspired, connected to each other and work together with meaningful purpose they can do incredible things. She loves to listen to ideas, encourage imagination, facilitate connections and help people and organisations find ways to create changes that contribute to building a more sustainable, connected, and balanced world. Read more →

Rosanda McGrath

Rosanda is a change agent, grassroots social entrepreneur advocate and Mum to four daughters aged 24, 23, 18 and 17. After 20 years of different roles themed around change at BP, she has realigned her work to change individuals’ lives. She loves designing encounters to overcome our unconscious bias and inspire more inter-connectivity across the inequality divide. Read more →