When you join She Leads Change we hope you do more than just a course. We hope that you experience new ways of being and leading. We hope you find community and connection. We hope you inspire others to rise to their fullest potential, to stand up and speak out.

We warmly invite you to continue your leadership journey with us on our Practitioners Programme running in the New Year (2021).

What is it?

The Practitioners Programme is a learning and development opportunity that explores advanced leadership topics with relevant experts and alongside peers. The Practitioners Programme follows the She Leads Change approach of self-study, expert input, peer-learning and reflection. The format is virtual and each month includes: a brief introduction (1hr), a deep immersion with an expert (2.5hrs), ‘buddy’ connection (1hr), peer learning session (1hr) and a Q&A (1hr). Depending on your availability and interest you can join as a quarterly member, a monthly member or drop-in to a specific expert session. The first three topics we will explore are: Stretching into Purpose, Foundations of Self and Conscious Communication. Fees are offered on an affordability scale.

Who is it for?

Our practitioner programme is primarily for our SLC alumni – including our coaches and extended SLC community. We have a limited number of places for non-alumni. Please contact us for more information.

If you find yourself getting in your own way, if you have big dreams but are struggling to get there and if you feel like you’re stuck and need a little help, She Leads Change could be just the thing for you” – She Leads Change Alumni

What will I get?

Each 4-week learning set topic will comprise of expert lead sessions as well as:

  • Learn: ‘Deeper dives’ into important themes from our Programmes 
  • Discover: Facilitation by inspirational women and knowledge-sharing by experts
  • Reconnect: To self, peers and to a supporting community
  • Develop: Cutting edge leadership techniques – incl. peer circles
  • Change: practical tools, new skills and extended emotional intelligence

Stretching into Purpose

Most of 2020 has been about survival. How do we move beyond that short-term mode into aligning with our higher calling? How do we start to imagine new possibilities for ourselves, our organisations and our lives?

This month allows us to begin to explore purpose. This 4-week journey will provide you with questions and conversations to reframe your relationship between your inner world and the outer world. It aims to begin a process, to seed the questions you can explore ahead of 2021 – whatever it may bring.

The expert invited to our deep dive session is Richard Jacobs. Richard is the author of “The 7 Questions to find your Purpose”. His work is the foundation for a number of key leadership coaching programmes in the USA as well as a backbone for career advice, career and professional development. Together with Raj Chana and Pauline McNulty from our Springboard Panel, we will each have an opportunity to explore what gives our lives meaning and set ourselves up to connect to our purpose.

At the end of the month you will:

  • Have insight and understanding which will fuel your highest relationship to life
  • Started to create and embed purpose in every area of your life
  • Be more connected to a group of inspirational women,
  • Developed an enabling attitude in line with your highest aspiration.

Foundations of Self

2020 has changed our understanding of the world, our organisations and ourselves. Many of us are finding our psychological well being compromised by painful experiences, present challenges, big questions, and future uncertainty.

This month will take you on a 4-week journey to connect more deeply with ‘self’ through the lens of the ‘mind’. It will provide a practical set of tools to increase your ability to find clarity and purpose in the uncertainty and unknown.

Our deep dive session will be highly interactive and led by Julia Rebholz, and Danielle Mensah who are part of the She Leads Change Springboard Panel and are consultants and coaches that work with global business leaders to understand the human mind to create transformation and breakthrough solutions.  They will explain the scientific principles behind the design of the human mind and help you be in a better psychological state. Their work creates significant results for organisations and people, who thrive, are purposeful and sustain higher performance. 

At the end of the month you will:

  • Have new insight on how your mind works,
  • Be able to tap into flow, to be ‘on purpose’ more of the time,
  • Be more connected to a group of inspirational women,
  • Have a higher level of emotional, psychological and physical health.

Conscious Communication:

At She Leads Change we help people find their voices and speak their truth. Which sounds really good – until someone doesn’t ‘get it’! We have all experienced the frustration that a lack of understanding can create, not to mention the drain on energy and time. This is especially true in December when people are tired, families gather and we have end of year deadlines – we need to be even more conscious in how we communicate.  

Over this month, we will raise awareness of our own communication and the impact it has on those around us. We will be introduced to tools and methodologies that will help to access our most collaborative, creative and empathetic mental and emotional states, to build clarity for ourselves and those around us.

 In our two and a half hour online expert session, Sula Bruce, She Leads Change facilitator and coach, along with her business partner Nick Simmonds, will introduce you to you to clean questions and Conscious Set-Up. This is a fusion of the ideas of Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Laureate & author of Thinking, Fast and Slow) and Clean Language.

At the end of the month you will:

  • Have perspective on your communication and its impact on others,
  • Have learned tools to flex and adapt in order to support better understanding and collaboration,
  • Be more connected to a group of inspirational women,
  • Be able to consciously gain clarity, avoid and diffuse unnecessary conflict.

What does it cost?

You can join for the Quarter, the Month or ‘Drop-in’ for an expert session.   We also encourage those who can to ‘pay it forward’ for those who can’t. Fees offered on an affordability scale.  They are as follows:

·        Drop-in to deep-dive only:                         £35 or £50
·        Full Month all activities:                        £45 or £60
·        Full Quarter/3 months all activities:            £120 or £150
·        Pay it forward to a sponsored place:            £180 or more
·        Coach/mentor per hour add on:                     £85 or £120

We do not want fees to prevent attendance – please do get in touch so we can have a conversation about how best we can support your leadership journey. We have limited places please pre-book to attend.

If you’ve any questions or want to learn more, please get in touch on