Rosanda McGrath

Rosanda is a change agent, grassroots social entrepreneur advocate and Mum to four daughters aged 24, 23, 18 and 17. She worked full-time at BP for 20 years in different roles, generally themed around change, and kept her sanity taking an 8-week sabbatical every summer. Soon after leaving BP, she visited a prison in South Africa where she talked with an inmate, Jacob, about fairness. It changed her perspective on offenders.

Jacob inspired her to align her work with changing individuals’ lives. She subsequently freelanced with Leaders’ Quest designing leadership journeys seeking to inspire corporate leaders to change. From here her purpose emerged as bridging the inequality gap by elevating people out of poverty through social enterprise. This led her to work with leaders in grassroots organisations who empower the local community from within. She loves designing encounters to overcome our unconscious bias and inspire more inter-connectivity across the inequality divide.