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Psychometric Testing

She Leads Change understands the importance of supporting an organisation’s leadership process, by creating more self-awareness within employees and teams, of their own behaviours / preferences and in that of others.

Nicola Millson


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Our Psychometric Testing options include:

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

She Leads Change expert: Holly, Wendy

Hogan is a psychometric assessment tool and is respected as one of the most powerful on the market. It is an ‘inside out’ tool which measures predicted reputation: the individual answers a series of questions about themselves which provides data around their performance capabilities, challenges and underlying motivators. The data is then presented in three reports (potential, challenge and values) which I debrief with the individual in a series of confidential coaching sessions.


She Leads Change expert: Holly

Emergenetics is a tool that explores how individual thinking and behavioural attributes affect our communication, creativity, productivity and the ability to work together. It provides a framework which is used to enable teams to be more aware of each other’s preferred working styles and team strengths and development areas. Individuals answer a series of questions online and are provided with an individual report as well as a series of team reports. I facilitate a 3-hour workshop with the team to educate them on the science behind the tool, how to read the reports and how this learning can be implemented by the team moving forward.

Belbin Team Roles

She Leads Change expert: Kerstin, Rachel*

Belbin Team Roles assesses the primary roles you are likely to play within a team. The most successful teams are made up of a diverse range of individuals with a diverse mix of behaviours. Belbin allows you to develop a picture not just of your own individual tendencies but it also enables you to get a sense of how your whole team is working together, and why. There are nine clusters of behaviour around resource investigator (boundary spanning); team-worker; coordinator; plant (the creative, unconventional thinkers); monitor evaluator; specialist; shaper; implementer; and completer finisher. The reports provide information about strengths, weaknesses, and what happens to strengths in overdrive.

Insights MDI

She Leads Change expert: Kerstin, Nicola*

Insights MDI is considered the most appropriate tool for the purpose of assessment, leadership and human resources development. It does not measure intelligence, nor character features, but what can be changed and improved.

The psychometric assessment tool provides an integrated feedback about a leader’s talents. The report gives a profound insight into an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, motives and behavioural preferences, and how to use that knowledge in the best possible way in order to improve interpersonal relationships and cooperation. Moreover, it shows which way of communicating they prefer, and which work environment best boosts their performance and success. The Insights MDI tool methodology uses an easily recognisable and memorable 4 colour model and It provides a comprehensive description of the behaviour (natural state) and custom behaviour (displayed at the workplace). In addition, it provides an insight into our driving motives that reveal what drives our enthusiasm and ambition.

The results are presented in a comprehensive individual report, a team report and is followed-up by a facilitated 3-hour workshop with the team explaining the science behind the tool, and how to use the reports and knowledge for improving leadership skills, communication and collaboration and how this learning can be best implemented by the team moving forward.

Clifton StrengthFinder

She Leads Change expert: Wendy*, Sumaera, Rachel*

Clifton StrengthFinder is an assessment tool designed to uncover your strengths. Its tag line is strength-based leadership. It looks at these strengths across four domains: executing; influencing; relationship building; strategic thinking. People tend to think about what they don’t do well, or what weaknesses they need to work on. The domains can help you understand where you’re most powerful, and how to use that power to make your greatest contribution. Individually, each theme gives you a way to describe what you naturally do best and where you might need help from others to accomplish. Helpfully, it looks at what you might do when operating from ‘strength in overdrive’ – which is very common for high achievers! You will receive a personalised report and other resources you might find useful in identifying how to maximise your strengths which would be debriefed in a coaching session.

Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)

She Leads Change expert: Wendy

Rather than focusing on WHAT we do, the SDI 2.0® helps us understand WHY we behave and HOW we relate to each other. Using Relationship Intelligence (RQ), the SDI 2.0 provides a common language for understanding what’s important.
Relationship building is more than a soft skill, and the SDI 2.0 plays a direct role in helping us relate to others – building our ability to improve dialogue.
With a focus on our Motives, the SDI 2.0 provides a critical connection to a key leadership skill – the “art of influence.” It is easier to communicate with and influence someone when what’s important to them is understood. This insight helps you choose the best approach for engaging people whose thinking and behavior appear much different from your own.

This tool is also useful for describing your Conflict Sequence – how you behave when things are not going well, or are in conflict with another person. By understanding a team’s strengths and everyone’s conflict sequence, helps us ensure an appreciation for motives and behaviours, and encourages conversation and resolution.

Core Strengths: Strengths Assessments & Leadership Training Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Step 1)

She Leads Change expert: Wendy

Very popular tool which focuses on the development of preferences. Used for communication, development and growth, problem-solving, influencing, conflict, and teamwork.

EQi 2.0

She Leads Change expert: Wendy

The EQ-i 2.0 is a professional and reliable measure of emotional intelligence. It is the latest version of the renowned BarOn EQ-i, the world’s most popular emotional intelligence assessment.

This questionnaire measures emotional intelligence in 5 composite areas with 15 separate sub-scales by asking candidates how frequently they use different emotional skills. Interpretation of scores on each scale focuses on the importance of achieving a balance across the profile. Unlike personality which is considered relatively stable over time, emotional intelligence skills can be learned and developed as people develop in their careers.

There are two types of reports available for the standard EQi 2.0 – a workplace report or a leadership report. A group report can also be created. Other options also include a 3600 version.

Margerison McCann TMSDI (Team Management Profile)

She Leads Change expert: Wendy

The Team Management Profile is a unique management and team development tool that gives you more perspectives on individual performance, high energy teamworking and organisational culture.

It offers personal feedback based on extensive research into what creates personal success and high performance teamworking.

A rigorously validated questionnaire is analysed by special software to provide a 5000 word customised report, available in major European languages. This helps you to achieve results for yourself and those you work with.

A combination of Myers-Briggs and Belbin, it highlights areas/clusters of strength within a team, and gaps in role preference. It’s great for communication, development, teamwork, and provides both individual insight based on preferences, and a team profile.

Note: *Not formally qualified but have used extensively in coaching practice


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If you find yourself getting in your own way, if you have big dreams, but are struggling to get there...If you feel stuck and need a little help, She Leads Change could be just the thing for you

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What our PARTICIPANTS say:

Effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change

She Leads Change helped me to explore how my own identity as a ‘leader’, impacted my ability to effect culture change and introduced me to some effective concepts and practical approaches to leading change in an open and collaborative way.

- Abby Crawford, Spring 2020

She Leads Change was transformational

She Leads Change was transformational for me. I went into it full of thoughts like ‘I’m not doing enough’ and ‘I’m stuck’ to finishing the course and realising I am in a wider collective of incredible progressive people who want change, I am part of that and have a part to play.

- Nadia Shaikh, Autumn 2020

An eye-opening journey of self-discovery

She Leads Change offers an eye-opening journey of self-discovery surrounded by brilliant, passionate women and thoughtful and supportive programme leaders.

- Helen Doran, Autumn 2020

Really meaningful leadership work

She Leads Change isn’t just about doing better leadership, but being a better leader.  I highly recommend the programme for anyone who is open to doing really meaningful leadership work with openness, honesty and humility.

- Cat Sneath, Autumn 2020

A fantastic opportunity

It has been a fantastic opportunity to connect and work with other amazing women, and also to explore our own personal challenges and identify ways we can be our best selves and support others around us.

- Susannah Hodge, Autumn 2020