“I’m getting involved. I’m speaking up, I’m educating myself and I’m being kind. I will look for a community of people also on a mission to change, or who are creating the space for change”

Katy Reid, Spring 2020

“She Leads Change gets you to examine yourself from within and across all aspects of your life, not just professionally. It offers a confidential safe space to explore your values, beliefs and perspectives.”

Emilie Miller, Autumn 2020

“Leading From Within has been a great experience and it has helped me to find the courage to step into the new, and that anyone can be a leader at any level, we can all become “change makers”, and the change we want to see in the systems surrounding us starts within ourselves.”

Sandra Vernandez, Autumn 2020

“She Leads Change goes beyond the professional and into the deep personal. It will help you find and build the foundations within yourself to create the change you want to see in the world, with courage and confidence.”

Steph Landymore, Spring 2018

“She Leads Change is a unique combination of peer support, coaching and collaboration.  The carefully curated course design and bespoke curriculum combines to bring about deep and significant changes in outlook, approach and results.  A key focus is identifying any blocks or obstacles to success, and helping you find the tools and resources to overcome them. She Leads Change is an invaluable path for anyone looking to make change in the world, or even just their lives…”

Josephine Living, Spring 2018

“In my time on Leading From Within, I have delved deeper in to my inner self: identifying who I am, how I’ve come to be and how to start making steps to act with authenticity by finding my voice. I really recommend this programme to connect with a community of like-minded empowering women for change!”

Arka Raina, Autumn 2020

“She Leads Change has made me realise nothing sticks without the personal journey. It is only possible to produce our best work when we work with who we are in our entirety.The course provided me with sisterhood and a space for vulnerability … for growth.”

Lamese Waterfield, Spring 2019