Holding Family – Young and Old

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“Family: the reason we lose it – and the reason we hold it together.”

Family life is incredible and hard and wonderful and draining and beautiful and ugly – often all at the same time. Throw a pandemic into the mix complete with self-isolation, home-schooling, caring for elderly and vulnerable parents, working from home, financial insecurity and world-wide lock-down, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. It’s called being human and let’s be real, it’s hard enough to hold ourselves together in these uncertain times, let alone a family.

We don’t have the answers but we can promise you, you aren’t alone. We’re all in this together which is why we have created a space for us to gather each week, to stay connected as parents – (whether it’s parenting our children or parenting our parents!) – to be real, to share our experiences and offer support, encouragement and a life-line of solidarity and community in this unprecedented time of uncertainty and confusion.

Please join us every Thursday from 12-1pm – the link to join is here – and feel free to share the invite.

With love,
She Leads Change

Cup of Calm #1 – Setting Intentions

You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” (Upanishads)

Or – as our lovely Laura puts it: “Your attitude determines if something is an ordeal or an adventure…”

In today’s Cup of Calm, we spoke about taking agency this week. We can do this be setting intentions.

Here are some of the beautiful intentions set today: 

I give without expectation
I am kind and patient and I pause before responding
I reach out to people
I always start from a point of empathy
I practice compassion
Be as I wish to see.
I am strong, I am light, I am loving
Stay calm and be there for my children.
I look after my mind, body and heart with love and courage

Tomorrow we will be exploring gratitude and the format will be slightly different with a loving kindness meditation. Please do join and feel free to invite others.  The link to join is here.

Please donate as you are able – with no obligation and no upper or lower limit. The link to donate is: paypal.me/weleadchange. All profits will go towards supporting our community of freelancers, small business owners and independents during this time.

Thank you for your support,
She Leads Change