We draw on many resources and a rich diversity of thinking to shape our programmes. We also get many suggestions of books, videos and articles from participants during our programmes and include some of them here. We will continue to update this list, please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Visualisations: Future & Authentic Self

Core team member and previous participant Josephine Living leads a visualisation on future self and authentic self.

Power of Vulnerability

Emergent Strategy

Author Adrienne Maree Brown writes about systems, complexity, adaptation and activism. Listen to her on the for the wild podcast.

The Danger of a Single Story

Do our stories serve us?

From our very first cohort Erma Steyn shared her expertise and challenged participants to reflect on whether our stories serve us.

Levels of Listening

Deep listening is a vital part of our programmes. Otto Scharmer describes the four levels of listening.