Our Programmes

To lead powerfully, we need to first find and be our best selves, She Leads Programmes help women be leaders through our Open & Catalyst Programmes.

At the heart of She Leads Change is our OPEN PROGRAMME:

  • 3-month in-person programme over seven evening sessions
  • Co-creation of session content with participants to tap into everyone’s experiences, demonstrate competence and build confidence
  • Content structured over 4 key topics – Self, Other, System and Resilience and supported with small group activity and intensive pre-reads
  • The cohort of ~32 participants are grouped in facilitated ‘pods’ of 8, offering an opportunity for supervised, peer-coaching
  • Participants have access to a 1-on-1 coach to offer personalised  support
  • Participants continue as Fellows, part of our wider community.

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Our new CATALYST PROGRAMME launches in Autumn 2019. The first pilot will focus broadly on health and will feature:

  • 6 month programme beginning with an immersive 1.5 day session, followed by 3  in-person evening sessions and 4 virtual meetings. The programme closes with a 0.5 day session in-person.
  • Participants ‘learn by doing’, working together in teams on identified areas of inquiry around an agreed area of impact – in the first instance health.
  • Building on topics related to Personal Leadership in the Open Programme, participants will also learn competencies key to System Leadership
  • The programme will retain other key features of She Leads Change programmes – co-creation, peer learning, and 1-on-1 coaching
  • Each cohort will have ~32 women journeying together in smaller pods. We have the capacity to run 2 cohorts concurrently.
  • Participants continue as Fellows, part of our wider community.

Diversity is key to the success of our peer-learning model, and is secured through our tiered payment model. Participants come from:

  • Diverse organisations: corporations, start-ups, charities and grassroots organisations
  • Range of experience: we have CEOs and junior employees on our programmes
  • Varying ages and life-stages: mothers returning to the workplace, first career milestone, big promotion, big failure, career change
  • Different socio-economic backgrounds: We offer subsidised places for women representing grassroots organisations or under-represented communities.