Cup of Calm

Every weekday morning

Feeling frazzled? Uncertain? Out of control? Do you yearn for routine? Do you miss that first cup of morning brew at your desk? The morning colleague chit chat and laughter? The space to work out priorities for the day? Do you want to see others and stay safe? 

Our wonderful team hosts a daily virtual check-in each work-day morning at 8.45am. Join us on Zoom.  The password is LeadChange.

This 15-minute Cup of Calm will help you start your day feeling connected, focused and energised. It is an opportunity to pause, breathe and connect before the busy of your day.  

All are welcome. Please share this with friends and colleagues that could benefit from the opportunity to pause and connect during this time. We welcome both individuals and family groups. 

If you would like to, please donate as you are able with no obligation or upper/lower limit. All profits go towards supporting our freelancers, small business owners and independents during this time. We suggest the £2.50 per day (the price of a cup of coffee) or £40 a month. The link to donate is:

For any questions suggestions or if you would like to host a session, please contact us on Take a look at our ever changing weekly line-up here.

Start your day with calm – start your day with us.