Why Health?

Health is a most basic and essential asset not limited to any single agenda. Good health can drive prosperity, wellbeing, enhanced livelihoods, economic development, and equality.

  • Health is both symptom and cause: Our health is affected by multiple factors – clean air, nutrition, work environments, etc. And health in turn affects all spheres of our lives such as education and livelihoods.
  • Health is mutually reinforced across nested system levels: From individuals, families, communities, economies to our biosphere – positive (and negative) actions have a ripple effect on other systems.
  • Potential for connected impact across varied organisations: Health is no longer just the domain of health organisations. Diverse organisations across industries and sectors are all part of the wider health and wellbeing ecosystem. 

It requires a systemic and collective approach to leading and creating change.

As Nesta put it at Nesta Health 2019 – The Future of People Powered Health: Reimagining Leadership:

…It’s time to reimagine leadership in health. With the growing complex challenges we now face in health and care, top-down approaches to leadership are not enough. In fact, they are holding us back. We must be bold and innovative to expand our approach to leadership. We need to champion approaches that empower people to lead during times of uncertainty and to create a shared purpose. We need to embrace leaders from different vantage points, and approaches that bridge organisational boundaries.”

At She Leads Change we believe that we need all voices to be present, included and joined up in order to lead meaningful change. That the answers lie in harnessing the diversity of perspectives, skills and life experiences to better understand needs, unleash human ingenuity and address challenges at scale. This is the aim of our new Collective Impact Programme.

We want to reimagine what it truly means to lead together on health and will enable women to make the mental and personal connections to grow leadership capability and increase impact through collectively focusing in on some areas of inquiry such as:

  • How can we reverse the downward trend in mental health?
  • How can we foster a culture of wellbeing and purpose in the workplace?
  • How can we enable more inclusive and meaningful access to health?
  • What would a step change in improving air quality look like, and what would enable it?

Do you have a health-related area of inquiry to suggest? Co-creation starts now!

Do you have something health-related that is urgent, compelling, for right now? Something broad – we’ll expect participants, individually or in small or large teams, to define and begin to address challenges related to that enquiry in their own organisation or across organisations. 

Once you start the programme, you will come up with a challenge related to one of those areas

Your challenge will have meaning for you and for the company or organisation you work for.

For example, within mental health, you might come up with the challenge ‘Overcoming loneliness in our borough’ or ‘Preventing burn-out in my company’. 

Or, within air pollution, a challenge might be ‘Eliminating the pollution we create as an organisation’, or ‘Reducing employees’ exposure to pollution’ or ‘Cleaning up the supply chain in my sector’.

Participants will have an opportunity to work alongside others to begin developing new ideas to solve these challenges. It might be to create a new way of working, a new partnership, a new organisation, an app – whatever it takes, we would love to have you join us, apply now!