The challenges we face today can’t be solved in isolation. We need new forms of collaboration and action – between business, government and civil society. We need to develop leaders who have the ability to work in increasingly complex and connected environments. Leaders who can demonstrate the capability and vision to bring disruptive, systemic, and collaborative thinking and doing into the workplace. 

We all need women to take on new forms of leadership for the emerging future, with the:

  • Courage and confidence to set-out fresh, visionary agendas
  • Tools and experience to design and deliver complex change
  • Connections to co-create multi-stakeholder change, at scale.

The She Leads Change Collective Impact (Co-Impact) Programme brings women together across organisation types, sectors and hierarchical levels to solve big societal challenges. The programme will support them to make the leap into collective leadership toward designing and driving systemic level change. It builds on the foundation of our successful She Leads Change Open Programme –  working on personal leadership through a structured peer-learning experience. 

Our first challenge area for Collective Impact is health. Why health? Health is the foundation for a good life, yet we cannot individually control many of the factors that have an impact on our health and the health of those around us: what we eat, what we breathe, how we work and travel. Improving health is a systemic issue that requires lateral thinking and participation beyond the confines of a narrowly defined subject expertise. See more here. 

The Collective Impact Programme is for…

Women who want to lead change 

If changing the world of health inspires you and if you want the perspectives, tools, connections, to help you make an impact in the world, if you at the limit of the impact you can have on your own, or within the boundaries of your organisation – this course is for you. 

Organisations looking for capable employees to rise to meet the opportunities in changing the health system

If your organisation is beginning to see the impacts of health manifest in wellbeing and mental health issues, if you are starting to understand the health impacts of your product, service or ways of working, if you see manifest opportunities in the interconnectedness of health to other systems, if you think that improving an aspect of health gives your organisation an advantage – this course is for you.  

Entrepreneurs, social enterprises, community organisers, charities and others looking for more effective ways to create social change

If you want to make a difference and have an idea you might want to be part of this programme – to hone your focus, design for impact and align to organisations acting in this area.

We welcome applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds, representing grassroots or community organisations, charities, social enterprises, start-ups and SMEs – in addition to those from larger organisations across the private, public and people sectors.

It is a six-month programme designed to complement work and life, wherever you are located, offering a mix of in-person and virtual sessions

Participants in our Collective Impact Programme will work on personal growth and professional challenges. They will work closely with other participants to understand and overcome their personal barriers and to produce a tangible prototype and action plan.

Programme topics include those covered in our Open Programme, in addition to: Belief and self-awareness as a leader, Collaboration and working with others, Working in and with the system for change, Co-creating transformative impact.

As in all She Leads Change programmes, the Collective Impact programme will involve peer learning that is both personal and experiential (including deep listening, reflection, open-hearted conversations), active co-creation by all participants alongside facilitators, as well as access to a She Leads Change coach (approx three 1hr long coaching sessions).

Participants become a Fellow of She Leads Change and join our wider community, after the programme ends.