Programme Details

The Collective Impact Programme is a 5-month experiential learning journey combining in-person and virtual sessions.

The programme covers three key aspects:

  • Being in right relationship with the whole. An ability to tap into leadership from within, from a place of deep belief and trust in self. This is the foundation for how we better connect with others and the systems we operate within.
  • From “me” to “we” to collective impact. Learning to “be” with others, and work in more collaborative and inclusive ways to achieve greater impact.
  • Sensing and acting in uncertainty and complexity. A deeper appreciation of the interconnected systems we are trying to change – and how to create more lasting, systemic change.

What to expect

  • Personal development: Building on the established She Leads Change Open Programme, this is an opportunity for working with ourselves, and overcoming any personal barriers to leadership
  • Systems-oriented theory: Learning is underpinned by methodologies and frameworks for cross-system action and impact. These include: Three Horizons framework, Embodied Intelligence, Circling, Deep Democracy, Theory U and many others.
  • Applied learning: Participants will be invited to bring a ‘live’ work or societal challenge (or opportunity) requiring a collective response. The programme will provide opportunities to develop and experiment with tangible actions and plans.
  • Lived understanding: Through a range of immersive activities including peer-learning, organisational modelling and active co-creation, participants will experience deep learning through a combination of individual and shared experiences alongside a diverse cohort of women.
  • Expertly contained: Led by a diverse group of facilitators and advisors who bring experience and training in the various frameworks and methodologies to be introduced. Participants also have access to an individual coach or mentor to support individual learning.
  • Community-based: All participants are invited to join the wider She Leads Change community and continue learning.

What you will gain

  • Confidence in your leadership with a stronger sense of purpose, values and strengths. Greater authenticity and agency in your role as a leader creating change. Awareness of vulnerabilities and commitment to growing into your learning edge. A set of personal, interpersonal and strategic skills.
  • Experience of what it means to create collective impact with others. Awareness of and able to tap into a wider diversity of perspectives. Able to initiate and build more meaningful and effective collaborative relationships and cultures with other individuals, organisations and groups.
  • The confidence to lead positive systems change with others. Deeper understanding of how systems work, and more adept at working through complexity. An understanding of the strategies and pathways for creating lasting positive change at the systems level. A set of tested strategies and plans for moving your own project forward.
  • Practical resources including new frameworks and tools to apply both personally and professionally. Strong relationships with others in your cohort (participants, facilitators and coaches), as well as ongoing access to the wider She Leads Change community of changemakers.

The Winter/Spring 2020 cohort of the programme has now begun. Dates for our next cohort beginning Autumn 2020 will be released soon. Please register your interest with Jacqueline Lim (

The programme runs over 5 months and comprises:

Three 1.5 day in-person sessions held in London on Fridays and Saturdays (we expect to run two slightly shorter days to allow time for travel into London on the Friday. Note that all accommodation is to be self-arranged).

Four 2 hour virtual sessions held on a weekday afternoon

Three individual coaching or mentoring sessions approx 1hr each: to be scheduled directly with a coach or mentor you select.

Introductory Fees (updated on 7 Oct 2019)

  • Corporate: £3,180 ex VAT (£3,816 inc VAT) – we also encourage companies able to sponsor an additional female change-maker working with under-represented communities to do so (£4,360 ex VAT)
  • Non-corporate (including public sector, non-profits and social enterprises): £1,980 ex VAT (£2,376 inc VAT)
  • Micro organisations (< 10 employees) or Individuals (self-funded): £1,180 ex VAT (£1,416 inc VAT)

As a not-for-profit, we are committed to ensuring our programmes are accessible to all. We’d be happy to discuss payment plans or partial sponsorship. We can also offer discounts for organisations who would like to send a group of employees on the programme. Please contact us for more information.

Download an overview of the programme and FAQs here.

Application: To apply to be part of this programme, please complete the application form. We will fill places as soon as we find the right applicants taking the diversity of participant and portfolio of interests into account.

More questions? Get in touch: Want to learn more? Read testimonials from previous participants.