Payment: sponsor a place

Thank you so much for making the She Leads Change programme possible for other women who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

You are welcome to remain anonymous, but we’d love to be able to mail you quarterly updates, invite you along to She Leads Change events – and, of course, to send you a HUGE THANK YOU. Please do let us know that you have donated and a little about you? We are also open to supporting specific sectors, candidate types, etc that you’d like to specifically enable. We can be found on

If you’d like to pay using PayPal please use the button below. Do make sure that you mention ‘She Leads Change sponsor’ or ‘SLC sponsor’ and your surname. If you need an invoice, please get in touch to request one:

Full Course Fee: Individual Payment plus VAT


Thank you – we look forward to welcoming the deserving women whose attendance you’ve made possible.


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