“I’d like to lead change for millions and I think I can do it – but not alone” – She Leads Change participant, Jan 2018

If you are a women working to create a positive impact, the world needs you to be your most powerful self, to operate from a place of confidence and abundance. This means that you truly feel that you are worthy of the best of life and have the personal resilience to handle the worst.

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What is it?

She Leads Change is a transformative peer coaching programme for women driving change and innovation, who feel like they’ve hit a personal wall.  It allows change-makers like you to better hear your own voice, inform your choices, navigate relationships and engage positively within existing systems. It offers you profound personal shifts through a mixture of structured content, peer learning, co-creation and individualised coaching. Over a three-month curated journey, it provides a safe, nourishing space for  reflection, realisation, experimentation and self-actualisation.

It is designed to get under the skin of the things that worry you and hold you back, to give you courage to live with purpose, to develop strong bonds that can see you through tough times and to celebrate the wins. Most of all it is envisaged to give you the power of a community of amazing, like-minded women, so you can get on, create maximum impact and be your best self.

Who is it for?

She Leads Change is for the women who need it. Read more about our open programme for individuals and our corporate offer. She Leads Change also offers sponsored places for those who cannot afford our tiered pricing.

What does it offer?

We’ve seen significant changes in outlook, approach and results in our participants:

“Over a matter of months, my executive presence, ambition and self-belief have transformed!  I feel ready for the next challenge and have the tools to succeed”

“She Leads Change goes beyond the professional and into the deep personal – it will help you find and build the foundations within yourself to create the change you want to see in the world, with courage and confidence”

“I’ve benefited from an intensive, magical thought-provoking journey over the past few months.  I’ve come out knowing more about myself and loved meeting an incredible like-minded support collective…”

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The biggest benefit participants receive, is a new way of thinking that allows them to better manage their internal narratives, diverse personal and professional relationships and operate as confident, courageous leaders within any societal system. This is reinforced through coaching and continued engagement with the wider-community.

Note: This not a course to ‘fix’ you. We want you to know that you are already great and already doing well – no fixing required! This is not to make you someone different, nor are we planning on changing you.  We plan to work alongside you, with you, to allow you to trust more in yourself and remove anything that you are putting in the way of your best self and desired life. To be able to better ride the waves that life brings your way – buoyed up on self-trust, new ways of thinking and a great network.

How does it work?

You will join a group of women meeting fortnightly, for six sessions of three hours each, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Over the course of three hours, we will: check-in, explore our topic through deep collective dialogue, hear from  an expert speaker, reflect and try out new ways of ‘being’. Topics will be tailored to the groups and may include: self-esteem, vulnerability, resilience, balance, etc. You will also be provided with pre-reads, distributed ahead of each session for reflection and preparation. It is expected that the time commitment every month, including the face to face session and personal journaling, will be about 10 hours. You also have the option of working with an individual coach across the programme through a series of four 30-45 minute conversations – coaches will provide you with complementary insight and support during your journey.

The set-up of the programme is specifically designed to develop self-confidence in action. Our facilitators will curate the group; however, with the principle of growing through doing, the group will take responsibility within the structure to co-create the experience. This involves choosing topics, preparation, open-hearted discussions, deep listening, reflection and co-building.  Ultimately, the participants will continue to support each other after the programme and become part of the wider She Leads Change Community.

What do I need to do?

If you fit the description above – we want you to join:   Apply Now

You are welcome to apply as a self-funded individual. If – and this is preferable – you can afford more, or if your organisation can pay, we offer a corporate rate, and a rate for non-profits/social enterprises/ start-ups.

Basic Programme Fee Programme fee with additional coaching option (4 sessions)
excl. VAT inc. VAT excl. VAT inc. VAT
Self-funded £295 £354 £415 £498
Non-profit / Social Enterprise / Start-up £650 £780 £830 £996
Corporate £950 £1140 £1250 £1500

There are also sponsored and part-sponsored places available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about availability or indicate your interest on your application.

A commitment is expected for the full programme across three months. Dates are:

16 September (Introduction)
30 September (Self)
14 October (Other)
28 October (Whole)
11 November (Resilience)
25 November (Closing session)
9 December (Community evening)

What else do I need to know?

She Leads Change, came about through a series of conversations between women working to create change, and looking for advice on how to move forward, better.  It is a social project primarily powered by kindness and volunteer contributions.

If you’re outside London and interested in She Leads Change please let us know and tell us where you’re based, to help us pilot a programme that reaches further.

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