About Us

To lead powerfully, we need to first find and be our best selves.

She Leads Change began at the end of 2017 when a group of women came together for mutual support in their journeys leading positive change in the world.

“I’d like to lead change for millions and I think I can do it – but not alone” – She Leads Change participant

OPEN PROGRAMME At the heart of She Leads Change has been our 3-month Open Programme that combines both structured content and peer coaching in a space that allows, and encourages, reflection, realisation and experimentation. It helps women to find and be their best selves, able to lead change more effectively. Read more.

COLLECTIVE IMPACT PROGRAMME  Our new programme brings women together to solve big societal challenges & reimagine what it means to lead collectively. Read more.

A BRAVE NEW WORLD A three-part ‘expedition’ for change-makers to reflect, make sense of the changing world and explore tools to find a positive way forward. The group is supported, challenged and connected with fellow travellers to encourage collective learning following the Three Horizon model. Read more.

BESPOKE PROGRAMMES We have successfully run programmes in organisations wanting to support their female leadership. Do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We have reached more than 300 individuals through our various programmes allowing them to find more confidence, courage, competence and connection to create lasting change. Read testimonials from previous participants.

We are a social enterprise – powered by kindness and generosity – aiming to reach all leaders irrespective of their ability to self-fund, and are grateful for our volunteers and supporters, including Orient Capital, Nesta and Pearson for their support. Read more about our partners.

Diversity is key to the success of our peer-learning model, and is secured through our tiered payment model. Participants come from:

  • Diverse organisations: corporations, start-ups, charities and grassroots organisations.
  • Range of experience: we have CEOs and junior employees on our programmes.
  • Varying ages and life-stages: mothers returning to the workplace, first career milestone, big promotion, big failure, at a cross-roads, career change.
  • Different socio-economic backgrounds: We offer subsidised places for women representing or working with grassroots organisations or under-represented communities.