Cup of Calm: Sneak Preview for week of 20th April

Our Cup of Calm agenda for each morning of next week is ready. It is filled with topics to make you smile, people to fill your heart and moments and time to reconnect with self.

You can look forward to:

Monday – Beauty (Rachel Houghton)

Tuesday – Surrender (Louisa Harris)

Wednesday – Breath (Katrien Franken)

Thursday – Wellbeing (Danielle Mensah)

Friday – Fun! (Holly/Nicola)

Please do join – and invite others – it is a joy seeing the faces of friends and family each morning and sharing this special moment with one another.
The link is:

The password is: LeadChange

Its at 8.45am each weekday for 15minutes

All are welcome – regardless of payment. If you would like to and are able, we suggest a voluntary contribution of £10 a week or a monthly subscription of £40. Please donate as you are able – with no obligation and no upper or lower limit. The link to donate is:

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